Tangled Webs

Title: Tangled Webs
Author: Irene Hannon
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2454-2

“She might be physically safe with Finn McGregor, but she wasn’t as sure about her heart,” Dana admits in Irene Hannon’s novel, Tangled Webs.

~ What ~
Third and final in the Men of Valor series, this three-hundred-sixty-eight-page paperback targets those interested in a romantic suspense involving a retired Army Ranger and a book editor trying to understand why someone wants her removed from her land. With no profanity or sexual scenes, the topics of drug making, post-traumatic stress distress, physical abuse, and death may not be appropriate for immature readers. The ending includes an excerpt from an upcoming book, acknowledgments, author’s biography, and advertisements.

In this current-day story based in a rural town in Missouri that backs up to Mark Twain National Forest, thirty-year-old Dana Lewis is trying to forget her past as she returns to her grandfather’s cabin where she had spent carefree summers as a child. Due to post-traumatic stress, she screams in the darkness during a nightmare, having Finn McGregor, an ex-Army Ranger, come to her rescue.

Finn, recently retired six-year military man who has been struggling with demons the past two years, thought staying at a friend’s cabin for a few months would help him make future decisions. When he meets Dana, he is immediately captivated by her wit and charm yet constantly worried about her safety.

When strange happenings start occurring on her property, Dana wants Finn’s support and protection as the weary and worn police chief gets involved over his head and a local man uses the woman’s land for ulterior motives. As relationships are strained and tested, the characters must make life-changing decisions.

~ Why ~
If you have read the first two in the series, this final one ends the story of three brothers, especially the youngest one, Finn. The writer handles with compassion the frustration of a man who loves his wife with Alzheimers and the decision to change when realizing you are doing wrong. Finn and Dana’s relationship grows on the reader, hoping each can put their painful pasts behind them.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like continuing stories of a band of ex-military brothers finding love will shy away from this novel. With few references to a personal relationship with God, the book may not appeal to those who are non-Christian.

~ Who ~
The bestselling author of over fifty novels, Hannon has received three RITA awards from Romance Writers of America and is a two-time Christy Award finalist. She and her husband live in Missouri.

~ Wish ~
I wish all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. Not all the loose ends are tied up in the final pages which can be frustrating to me.

~ Want ~
If you like a quick series involving three military brothers and their loves while protecting others, this makes a good read.

Thanks to Revell for furnishing this complimentary book to read and review.

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