Wee Alphas

Wee Alphas: 26 A to Z Postcards, from Angelfish to ZebraTitle: Wee Alphas
Author: Wee Society
Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-553-45978-4

“Pick  your postcard, write your friend. Stick on the stamp, it’s ready to send!” the inside cover states in the Wee Society’s postcard booklet, Wee Alphas: 26 A to Z Postcards, from Angelfish to Zebra.

~ What ~
Targeting two to five-year-old children, this trifold cover contains twenty-six perforated postcards in alphabetical order with simplistic but creative animal designs on the front sides and notes to fill in on the sides where the addresses and stamps go. With lines to write in the recipients and senders’ names, the halves of the back sides have either boxes to check with words that begin with the matching letter of the alphabet or places to draw pictures. All include a PS at the bottom asking if the receivers can spot the hidden letters in the cards’ design. Stamps are not included.

~Why ~
Our three-year-old granddaughter who lives out of state started preschool this month and already knows her ABCs. This would be a fun project for either us, her grandparents, to send to her or she could mail to us, stimulating learning about one letter of the alphabet at a time. I like that each card is different while the design has a hidden letter in it. Kate the Koala and Jose the Jellyfish were my favorite designs while Nelson the Newt’s boxes of Nice, Nutty, Noisy, Nifty, No-nonsense, and Napping were easy to comprehend for a child.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like sending or receiving mail will not appreciate this packet. Some young children may not understand the complicated two- or three-syllable words to check off on the back of the cards such as Aromatic, Groovy, Inventive, Loquacious, Optimistic, and Tremendous. Others may wish it included postage.

~ Who ~
An award-winning creative art studio, Wee aims to spark kids’ imaginations through their books, artworks, toys, and other items.

~ Wish ~
Since this postcard set focuses on preschool to kindergarteners, it may be more advanced in the wording for many in the age group. I wish it had shorter and simpler words for young ones to understand.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a fun way to engage long-distance young children or grandchildren via mailed postcards, this is one way to do it.

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