A Royal Christmas to Remember

Title: A Royal Christmas to Remember
Authors: Jeanna Young & Jacqueline Johnson
Illustrator: Omar Aranda
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-74802-1

“Christmas means giving to others, not storing up for ourselves,” the princesses are reminded in Jeanna Young and Jaqueline Johnson’s children’s book, A Royal Christmas to Remember.

~ What ~
Part of the Princess Parables series, this thirty-two-page oversized hardbound with a glittery embossed front cover targets young girls ages four to eight years old. With no scary scenes except the girls being tied up by hoodlums, the book is about five sibling princesses who learn Christmas is not strictly about getting gifts. The ending includes verses from the New International Version of the Holy Bible.

With brightly colored drawings that are easy to understand, the tale is about five princesses who tell their father they need a larger storage house to hold all the Christmas decorations. When the king has to leave the castle due to a band of marauders in the village, the girls are frightened when several thieves break in and tie them up. Five young squires come to their rescue, and when their father returns, the girls offer to give gifts and decorations to the vandalized town.  The final two pages have a short story about the parable in the Bible of the rich ruler.

~ Why ~
Little girls who are into being or reading about princesses may like this book that concentrates on giving to others at Christmas time instead of receiving. I like how colorful and expressive the designs are that will keep a young reader’s attention.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not believe Jesus birth is the main focus of Christmas will avoid this book. Some may not like that it is geared toward girls with all the princess connotations, but a group of males the same ages as the girls are included. Beginner readers may find the two- and three-syllable words hard to comprehend or understand.

~ Who ~
Author Young is a cancer survivor who has written over a dozen children’s books. She lives in California with her husband and four children. Also living in the sunshine state, author Johnson and her husband have seven grandchildren, and she is devoted to teaching young ones about God. Illustrator Aranda was born in Argentina and has produced artworks worldwide, focusing mainly on children’s products.

~ Wish ~
The mother in the story is referred to but not involved so if the reader does not know about her status from prior books in the series, there may be some confusion. This also applies to the young boys who are named; I did know if they are in prior books or not since I have read and reviewed only a few of them.

~ Want ~
If your young princess has enjoyed other books in this series, this may be a nice present for her under the Christmas tree this year.

Thanks to the Z Blog Squad for this complimentary book to read and review, accepting my unbiased positive or negative opinion.

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