God Gave Us Thankful Hearts

God Gave Us Thankful HeartsTitle: God Gave Us Thankful Hearts
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
Illustrator: David Hohn
Publisher: Waterbrook
ISBN: 978-1-60142-874-5

“I’m glad God gave me a thankful heart,” Little Pup tells his parents in Lisa Tawn Bergren’s children’s book, God Gave Us Thankful Hearts.

~ What ~
This forty-page hardbound targets children ages three to seven years old who like to read stories about winter coming and being thankful to God. With no scary scenes or controversial topics except for being sad and negative, the book should be read out loud to beginner readers based on several three or more syllable words. Full-color, full-page illustrations that are detailed and interesting cover almost all pages.

In this short tale, Little Pup is sad on a beautiful autumn day. His parents encourage him to look at what is around them and be thankful, especially to God. There are changing colors, friends, parenthood, fishing, the harvest festival, picking apples, freedom, desserts, and a cozy home. Negative feelings are mentioned regarding hibernation, skunks, bees, poison ivy, rambunctious buddies, and being lost in a corn maze. At the end of the day, Little Pup is glad he is no longer sad, realizing God gave him a thankful heart.

~Why ~
I like how this book shows a child how to turn a negative feeling into a positive one through being thankful. With the complete family unit depicted, the book shows how love between parents and a child can be educational when teaching about thankfulness. I like the engaging, charming illustrations that will keep a young one’s attention.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not believe in God may avoid this book. Some children may not like stories that contain a family of wolves (they could be interpreted as dogs), but it is an innocuous tale. New readers may have trouble with some of the long words or slang used such as dunno, sooo, yeah, o’ course, oooh, and mostest, thinking they are acceptable in writing.

~ Who ~
Author of over forty books, Bergren focuses her writing on children, devotionals, and adult fiction. She and her family live in Colorado. Illustrator Hohn has won awards for his artwork and lives in Oregon with his family.

~ Wish ~
With many hard to read, intentionally misspelled, and slang words in the story, it may confuse some readers. I wish the book reiterated that being thankful to and for God is most important.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a children’s book that looks at ways to be positive and thankful in day-to-day living as winter approaches, this would make a nice addition to a bookcase.

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4 responses to “God Gave Us Thankful Hearts

  1. Gail Hollingsworth

    Perfect! I have a six yr old granddaughter and and four yr old grandson. This fits right in with their ages. I’ll have to look at our Lifeway or Amazon.

  2. conniepsaunders

    Looks like a great book to share with my granddaughter!

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