Mary, Chosen of God

Title: Mary: Chosen of God
Author: Diana Wallis Taylor
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 978-1-62911-748-5

“When could she tell them? When would Adonai allow her to speak of his birth and mission?” Mary ponders about Yeshua in Diana Wallis Taylor’s novel, Mary, Chosen of God.

~ What ~
At three-hundred-twenty pages, this paperback targets those who enjoy reading fictionalized historical accounts of Jesus Christ’s life on earth told from Mary’s perspective. Containing topics of a pregnancy out of wedlock and the crucifixion, it may not be appropriate for immature readers.

From the immaculate conception of our Savior’s birth to His ascension, this quick read is written from the perspective of His mother. As she and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, flee to Egypt, and return to Nazareth, many of the Gospel’s miracles are weaved into its iconic story. Covering the Jewish rituals, customs, and foods served, the book offers the eternal plan of salvation as it shows a mother’s love and awe for her son, especially as He is the Son of God.

~ Why ~
I have often questioned what God has left out of the Scriptures and why; this book examines some of the potential scenarios surrounding when Jesus lived on earth. Mary is depicted as a woman who prays to the God Who Sees Me as she concentrates on doing His will. I like how some of the siblings were portrayed and Mary’s frustration with their lack of believing Ha’Shem.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like fictionalized novels that take ample liberty in storytelling about the life of Christ will probably avoid this book that makes the reader wonder how fourteen-year-old Mary visited Elizabeth, what Jesus’s childhood was like, why He never married, and how Mary was taken care of by John and not her family. Others may feel the book lags in the middle of the story regarding Jesus and his many family relationships.

~ Who ~
Having first published at age twelve, Taylor has written seven novels plus poetry, a cantata, and contributions to magazines. She and her husband live in Southern California.

~ Wish ~
I wish there were consistency in capitalizing pronouns of God for reverence. Being picky about grammar and punctuation rules, I hope the author and editors recheck the frequent misuse of the comma in sentence structures. I recommend The Chicago Manual of Style as a good resource for the many errors that interrupted the reading flow.

~ Want ~
For those who want to consider Yeshua from a mother’s perspective beginning from conception to after His death, this would make a good read although it contains fictionalizations added to the Word of God.

Thanks to The Book Club Network for this book to read and review, offering my unbiased opinion.

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2 responses to “Mary, Chosen of God

  1. Thank you for your very perceptive and inciteful review. I appreciate your honesty.

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