Eden Hill

Eden HillTitle: Eden Hill
Author: Bill Higgs
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-4964-1083-2

“The good Lord may yet have something in mind for both of you,” Mavine is told in Bill Higgs’s book, Eden Hill.

~ What ~
At four-hundred pages, this paperback targets those who like Christian historical fiction dating back to the 1960s in America’s South involving small town living. With no profanity, topics of divorce, injury, and death may not be suitable for immature readers. The ending includes a dozen discussion questions and acknowledgments.

Set in 1962 in Kentucky, the unsure Virgil Osgood is perplexed and irritated when he learns a new service station will be built across the street from the one that has been in his family for decades. He does all he can to ignore its new owner, Cornelius, as they vie for clients. With both men’s wives and others in the town including a frustrated pastor’s input, the two must work together to achieve goals they never anticipated.

~ Why ~
If you were born in the late forties or fifties, you remember thinking life was less complicated. In addition to recalling food and household brand names as well as famous actors and singers, you might have experienced your community working together if you lived in a small town. This book shows how men of the era strived for success, women desired attention, and the church was not only for social gatherings; it reiterates reaching out to others, loving your neighbor, and acknowledging God’s constant presence.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like stories devoted to the 1960s that show daily living including products and brands will pass on this book. Being in my late fifties, I sometimes felt like I was reading an advertisement of the latest item to buy during the period, which may not be interesting to those younger than I.

~ Who ~
Living in Kentucky with his wife, Higgs is a formal broadcasting engineer who embraces his baby boomer status with nostalgia and enjoys storytelling, especially when learning lessons from the past. This is his first novel.

~ Wish ~
I wish all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. For my age bracket, it was nice to mention the many products used during the time, but having fewer noted may make the read less commercialized.

~ Want ~
For those who were born in the late nineteen-forties to fifties, many will enjoy this story that takes the reader back in time while promoting being a good Samaritan over competition, cherishing your spouse, and being thankful to God for your status in life. For a debut novel, it could be the start to a series.

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3 responses to “Eden Hill

  1. My kind of book., I live in the south and was born in the mid fifties.

  2. conniepsaunders

    Thanks for your great review. I am anxious to read this book set in my state and this time period.

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