Pumpkin Patch Blessings

Pumpkin Patch BlessingsTitle: Pumpkin Patch Blessings
Author: Kim Washburn
Illustrator: Jacqueline East
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-75819-8

“God’s creation is calling. Let’s go find more treasure! Pumpkin patch blessings – Oh, what a pleasure!” Kim Washburn writes in her children’s book, Pumpkin Patch Blessings.

~ What ~
At eighteen pages, this cut-out board book with a front cover that has shiny green writing and matching accents targets children ages four to eight years old. With no scary scenes, it is a nice story about going to a pumpkin patch.

Written with some complicated wording, this short book with four lines of rhyming on every page is about the wonders and fun of a pumpkin patch visit during the Fall. Bright, colorful, and expressive pictures cover both sides of the pages with the black easy-to-read font written innocuously within the illustration.

In this story, a little boy and girl with their dog follow down a path to the pumpkin patch where they eat roasted corn. After seeing a scarecrow tower over a field of pumpkins, the two go on a hay ride and chose their favorite pumpkins. At home, they eat pumpkin pie and carve pumpkins, thankful for having a blessed day.

~Why ~
Our out-of-state three-year-old granddaughter loves a bedtime story when she visits, and this one she can understand although it is for older children. I like the illustrator’s depiction of the fun going to the pumpkin patch. While a young one is being read out loud the story, there is plenty of action in the artworks.

~ Why Not ~
Advanced readers may find the book sophomoric and childish. I think it targets the three- to six-year-old beginner reader more accurately. Some may not like the repetition of one of the rhymes, but it is not too obvious.

~ Who ~
Writing for children for the past ten years, Washburn writes both fiction and non-fiction and has won an award. Illustrator East has been creating for several years and illustrates books that have been published around the world.

~ Wish ~
Not approving of Halloween and its satanic history, I wish the two carved jack-o-lanterns were not depicted.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a cute book about pumpkin patches and the fun they provide, this will make a perfect gift for a young one for the upcoming Fall season.

Thanks to Z-Blog Squad for furnishing this complimentary book to read and review.

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