Kill Devil

Kill Devil (Jed Patrick)Title: Kill Devil
Author: Mike Dellosso
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4964-0822-8

“We need you, Patrick. Your family needs you. Your country needs you,” Jed is told in Mike Dellosso’s novel, Kill Devil.

~ What ~
Part of the Jed Patrick series, this four-hundred-sixteen-page paperback targets those who enjoy fiction filled with action, suspense, and mystery. With no profanity or sexual scenes, topics of physical abuse, torture, and murder may not be appropriate for immature readers. The ending includes an advertisement for the prior book in the series, acknowledgments, ten discussion questions, and the author’s biography.

In this continuing story that involves the mind-controlling Centralia Project, Jed and Karen Patrick along with their young daughter, Lilly, have thought they have escaped the past when Jed was brainwashed by the covert government agency’s secret military project involving memory manipulation. When the CIA finds the family of three and demands Jed’s top-secret thumb drive, they are on the run and become separated.

As Lilly is used as a pawn to control her father and Karen seeks hidden shelter, Jed is forced to follow deadly instructions in Colorado, Nebraska, California, and North Carolina to keep his family alive. With a young hacker stumbling onto the truth about Centralia, she makes it her mission to change Jed’s brain control imprinting.

~ Why ~
The book is detailed with subjects of top-level central intelligence, covert operations, brain-induced hallucinations, and a young child who realizes God is always in control. I like how the author blends faith in God and how He is always with us into this action-packed story.

~ Why Not ~
Having read Centralia previously (which I liked), I felt this book had repetitive scenes within the story that were sometimes hard to believe or not fully developed. Some may not like the inference that an eight-year-old child never feels pain or fear while depending on God.

~ Who ~
Adjunct professor of creative writing and conference teacher, Dellosso has authored nine suspense novels. Having a master’s degree in theology, he and his family live in Pennsylvania.

~ Wish ~
This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. I think the assassination plot was poorly designed with unrealistic safety measures intact for the high-profiled target.

~ Want ~
If you enjoy Dellosso’s writing, this book may keep you engaged, but unfortunately,  I found I could rush through the pages easily and know what was happening including the predictable ending.

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2 responses to “Kill Devil

  1. Gail Hollingsworth

    I won this on Bookfun. Hoping I enjoy reading it.

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