Relaxing Coloring Book for Pregnant Women

Adult Coloring Books: Relaxing Coloring Book For Pregnant Women - Inner Soul JourneyTitle: Relaxing Coloring Book for Pregnant Women
Author: Shira Kidron
Publisher: Shira Kidron
ISBN:  978-965-92531-0-4

“Choosing colors intuitively without thought, you enter a realm that is sacred for you and your embryo,” Shira Kidron writes in the preface of her book, Relaxing Coloring Book for Pregnant Women: Inner Soul Journey.

~ What ~
This seventy-two-page letter-sized paperback with front and back inside cover flaps targets pregnant women who like to doodle, draw, and fill in drawn pictures. With black and white drawings on both sides of the pages, it focuses on pregnancy and motherhood. A card with website and discount information is included.

After a preface, introduction, and book ownership page, there are over sixty designs to color on each side of the pages. The topics include pregnant women with or without facial details who are incorporated into mandalas, floral arrangements, butterflies, and a few babies. With the mothers having protruding bellies filled with mandellas, some illustrations are in dark and light inks. Belly dancers, peacocks, ferns, and flowers can be found throughout the pages.

~ Why ~
As an artist, I find inner solace and tranquility whenever I design or create. I like how the hand-drawn illustrations are fanciful yet detailed enough to relax, even if one is not pregnant. Doodling or filling in the lines can be calming and peaceful while waiting for a newborn’s upcoming appearance.

~ Why Not ~
Those who feel restricted or overwhelmed coloring a page should try it to see how they are in control of the outcome, with no rules to follow except for staying within the lines. Some may not like that some coloring tools such as paint and gel pens may bleed through to the back side’s designs. Others may find some drawings are too detailed with small sections to be filled in individually.

~ Who ~
Having left a high-tech career to be a mother of three girls, Kidron hs created several coloring books to calm and connect with one’s inner soul. The author of coloring-on-the-go pocket coloring books, she is dedicated to using art as therapy.

~ Wish ~
Wanting to use the finished pages to frame under glass, I wish the pages were one-sided to ensure no bleeding. If the pages were perforated and not printed to the edge of the page, they could be removed and given as gifts.

~ Want ~
If you like an adult coloring book that focuses on being pregnant and keeping calmness, this may inspire your creativity as you relax, thinking about the new child soon to be born.

Thanks to the author for this book to read and review.

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