The King’s Wish

The King's Wish (B-Happy Kids) (Volume 1)Title: The King’s Wish
Author: L.K. Reyes
Publisher: B-Happy Products
ISBN: 978-0-9830813-1-9

“Happy, you were right, I just had to remember that thinking is believing, and if you think positive, anything is possible,” King Lightheart declares in L.K. Reyes’s children’s book, The King’s Wish.

~ What ~
This small twenty-four-page paperback targets those interested in a tale that reminds them happiness comes from inside ourselves. With no profanity or scary scenes except a firestorm in a village, it would be appropriate for preschool to elementary-aged children. Full-color illustrations are on almost all pages with dark purple wording against white framed backgrounds.

In this story, King Lightheart of Nambi is sad because his kingdom has been devastated by a firestorm, leaving its citizens depressed and heartbroken. He calls his trusted advisor, an old fun-loving black bear named Happy. The wise animal suggests the king recall what used to make him happy. When the king thinks about the golden rule of believing and positive thinking, not only does he become joyful again, but so does everyone in the kingdom.

~ Why ~
This book offers a charming tale that shows how our outside world may look bad and be discouraging, but internally we can be joyful and happy if we have the right attitude. I like how Happy encourages the king to ponder what he enjoyed doing previously and recreating that happiness.

~ Why Not ~
Children who have little attention spans may not enjoy this book. With a few two and three syllable words, the book may be hard for beginner readers. Others may believe that happiness also comes from God and a personal relationship with Him, not within only ourselves.

~ Who ~
Author Reyes is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist who has been helping people for over twenty years. Her company, Tools for Life Success, LLC, has designed products to help children grow in positive directions. Illustrator and artist Van De Water is preparing for college while living with her parents in Florida.

~ Wish ~
I wish the punctuation and grammar errors were corrected in future printings.

~ Want ~
If you want a lighthearted book that reminds one they can be happy in spite of challenging circumstances, this may be a good start to changing a negative attitude into a positive one.

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