FlowerMoon Necklace

Flower 1.jpg Flower 2.jpg Flower 3.jpg

“Seychelles captures colorfully the spirit of the daisy chrysanthemum,” the product description states online.

~ What ~
Made of a silver chain that has graduating yellow, green, and blue cords braided into it, three 0.75-inch baubles hang down that have dried blue chrysanthemums inside and 0.5-inch clear glass rectangles encircling them. At 16-inches in length, the necklace includes a 2-inch extender with a 0.66-inch round identification tag. Secured to a card, the item comes in an approximately 7-by-7-inch flap pouch with a snap closure.

~ Why ~
Since I used to make and sell jewelry, I am always on the hunt for something unique and different. This is no exception since I love flower gardening as well. By blending dried flowers with bling and colors, it is a stand-out piece. I like the mix of chain with colored cord and the baubles. Because it is handmade with dried chrysanthemum flowers turned back upon their stems, their stamens show first. It is a one-of-a-kind piece with no duplication.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like the mix of colors or materials used in this necklace as they are bold. Others may not like that the cord could get dirty or perhaps fray if worn too often.

~ Who ~
Their website mentions a 20-day US and 30-day international refund program.
The product is made in the United States.
No quantity discounts are offered.

~ Wish ~
I hope the list of dried flowers used could be expanded in the future to create more beautiful artworks of jewelry

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a bright, bold necklace with dried flowers incorporated into it, this is an excellent choice that any woman would want to wear.

Thanks to FlowerMoon for a sample for testing and reviewing.

Want to see more interesting dried flower jewelry? Check out their website at http://flowermoonbykittoune.com/



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