An Elegant Facade

Title: The Elegant Facade
Author: Kristi Ann Hunter
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1825-5

“I need the best match, not an attractive match. I have to be the envy of everyone if I am to protect myself,” Georgina explains in Kristi Ann Hunter’s novel, An Elegant Facade.

~ What ~
Second in the Hawthorne House series, this three-hundred-sixty-eight-page paperback targets those interested in a historical romance during the nineteenth century in England. Using the King James Version of the Holy Bible, it contains no profanity or explicit sexual scenes. The author’s biography and advertisements complete the book.

Set in London, England, in 1813, eighteen-year-old Georgina Hawthorne has been looking forward to the Season to find a man to set her up financially for life. Well-poised and overtly self-confident, she has only confided with her longtime maid that her shortcomings could destroy any plans of marital bliss. When twenty-six-year-old Colin McCrae meets the different yet diabolical girl, he unwittingly gets involved in her incessant intentions to marry for status. However, when the truth is learned about Georgina’s flaws, both must seek God to show them what is important.

~ Why ~
With the backdrop of vanity, money, and connections, this is a tale of love conquering marrying for social status to hide a disability. Georgina is portrayed as a cunning, planning, and selfish woman who wants to marry someone prestigious who will make her feel needed and important, although she feels worthless and unwanted. Colin is fleeing from his past family issues, oblivious to acknowledging his faults as he often comes to Georgia’s aid. While the two try to understand each other’s dynamics, they must find who God wants them to be first. Readers may get caught up in the interchanges and altercations between two who are more alike than they believe.

~ Why Not ~
Those that do not care for a time in history when women were married to improve status or appearance and standing were important social goals to obtain may not want to read this predictable story. I wish there were more discussions on how Georgina could overcome her disability once it was discovered and a clearer plan of eternal salvation given.

~ Who ~
Hunter’s debut novel was the first in this series and became a RITA double finalist. Having graduated with a degree in computer science, the writer is a wife and mother who lives in Georgia.

~ Wish ~
With the book being part of a trilogy, it would be helpful if there were a list of characters for those who have not read the first book or them in order.

~ Want ~
If you are seeking a series about romance and family relationships during the 1800s in England, this may be a nice selection if you like that genre. I did not read the first novel but had no problem adjusting to the story.

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