A Pocket Guide to the Florida Keyes

Terrance Talks Travel: A Pocket Guide to the Florida Keys: (Including the Everglades & Key West) (Volume 4)Title: A Pocket Guide to the Florida Keys
Author: Terrance Zepke
Publisher: Safari Publishing
ISBN: 9781942738046

“The Florida Keys are made up of Upper, Middle, and Lower Keys. They are a coral cay archipelago on the southern coast of Florida,” Terrance Zepke writes in her book, Terrance Talks Travel: A Pocket Guide to the Florida Keys.

~ What~
At three-hundred-thirty pages, this paperback targets those interested knowing more the Florida Keys. With a few black and white photographs, it is a hands-on, practical reference guide for the traveler when visiting the area.

After an introduction, fast facts, and historical timeline, the book describes the best beaches, Everglades, three sections, and fun places to visit. Also included are a wildlife checklist, how to talk like a local, Keys quiz, important information, and sample itinerary, ending with resources, special dates and events, photographs, other titles by the author including a sneak peak at her book about adventure traveling, and an index.

~ Why ~
Although I have not been to the Keys, I have always been fascinated with what it has to offer. I like how the book divided the islands into three groups, mentioning the best things to do, eat, and see at each. Interesting topics that peaked my interest were the underwater hotel, the iconic African Queen boat, coral reefs, Bat Tower, Robert the Doll, and conch tour train. Several locale food recipes are added.

~ Why Not ~
Some may find the format a little confusing, not realizing it is broken down into three distinct sections, making it hard to look up lodging or restaurants in the table of contents or index. Others may have no interest visiting the Keys or find little information on costs included.

~ Who ~
Having traveled and lived all over the world, this author of two dozen books enjoys going on trips that take her sometimes to remote, out-of-the-way unique places where adventure can be found and loved. Freelance writer, photographer, and travel agent, she enjoys helping others make their vacations memorable without repeating her “misadventures.”

~ Wish ~
With the pictures being in black and white, it would be nice if they were in color to show the beauty of the Keys. I noticed the index pages were incorrect on Jules Undersea Lodge, but it may be due to this being an ARC of the book.

~ Want ~
If you are planning a vacation to the Florida Keys, this reference book of the three sections offers many suggestions and ideas traveling to the southeastern tip of the United States.

Thanks to Safari Publishing and the author for the book to read and review.

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3 responses to “A Pocket Guide to the Florida Keyes

  1. Gail Hollingsworth

    Funny thing, as I type this, my husband and I are headed there in our RV. I’ve never been and it’s on my bucket list of places to visit before I croak! So excited.

    • That IS too funny – well, I hope you get to see Robert the Doll then! Or an alligator farm, an Everglades boat tour, eat at Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill , camp at Bahia Honda Stae Park or Bluewater Key RV Resort, go to Sloppy Joe’s or the Commodore at the marina, or make conch chowder. No, never been there but I can read about it! Have a fun trip!

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