Excel Basics in 30 Minutes

Excel Basics In 30 Minutes (2nd Edition): The quick guide to Microsoft Excel and Google SheetsTitle: Excel Basics in 30 Minutes
Author: Ian Lamont
Publisher: In 30 Minutes Guides
ISBN: 978-1-939924-30-8

“You can imagine how these techniques can help in real-world situations from tracking household expenses to make sales projections,” Ian Lamont writes in the introduction to his book, Excel Basics in 30 Minutes.

~ What ~
At one-hundred-eight pages, this paperback targets those who are seeking a quick way to learn how to use the well-known spreadsheet program, Excel, as well as Excel Online and Google Sheets. After an introduction, there are four chapters that explain the spreadsheet’s basics and skills, sorting and filtering, and printing, import/export features, and collaboration; each end with a short quiz. Afterward are the author’s notes and biography, glossary, two appendices, index, and a bonus introduction to Google Drive & Docs in 30 Minutes.

First explaining the different formats of Excel and Google Sheets and how to access them online, a spreadsheet is shown with its header buttons and functions that include AutoSum, formatting, templates, and themes. After an interlude about AutoFill, more skills incorporate multiple worksheets, copying, pasting, adding, percentages, and division to name a few. A second interlude is about charts. The third chapter involves sorting, rearranging, and filtering while the final chapter covers printing, PDFs, and sharing. The appendices contain registering for Google Sheets and quiz answers.

~ Why ~
Having used Office 365 for a couple of years and worked on spreadsheets for over twenty years in my business, I like how the book is simple to understand with its many screenshot examples. It covers enough information quickly to be able to have some confidence as a beginner user. I appreciate the author’s explaining the differences between the different types of Excel and their capabilities.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like computers or need spreadsheets in day-to-day life will not want this book. Some may think the idea of a spreadsheet is too complicated to understand initially or that the example used in the book (payroll) could be gleaned from a computerized bookkeeping system.

~ Who ~
The founder of In 30 Minutes Guides, Lamont is an award-winning technology journalist.

~ Wish ~
With the book being so short and to the point about the complicated topic of spreadsheets, it would be helpful if the guide included lines or spaces in the chapters to take notes as one progressed.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a book that quickly explains how to get the many Excel spreadsheet programs and start right away using them through a step-by-step example involving three sales people’s monthly earnings, this may be a viable option.

Thanks to the publisher for furnishing this complimentary book to read and review.

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