I’m Not Afraid

I'm Not Afraid!Title: I’m Not Afraid
Author: Lee Ann Mancini
Illustrator: Don Sharp
Publisher: GLM Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9863-6043-5

“Oh, no! No, not me – I’m not afraid of anything!” Susie says with pride in Lee Ann Mancini’s children’s book, I’m Not Afraid.

~ What ~
Part of the Adventures of the Sea Kids series, this unnumbered thirty page oversized paperback targets children ages two to eight-years-old who like stories about fish and friendship. With no extremely scary or violent scenes, it would best be read out loud to beginner readers due to some complicated wording.

In this cute undersea tale with full-color, full-page expressive designs, a shark and octopus are best friends who decide to go to the Undersea Amusement Park. With both girls excited to go, the shark named Susie is apprehensive of riding the roller coaster. She talks Rachel into stopping for something to eat and playing games first. After Rachel calls Susie a “scaredy-cat,” the shark calls her mother and is reminded to pray to Jesus if frightened. Susie prays to God, and the girls enjoy the roller coaster ride, going on more rides. The final page is a reminder to say your prayers, always have Jesus in your heart, and look for the hidden Bible in the illustrations.

~ Why ~
Teaching a lesson through story-telling is wonderful for little ones. I like how this one conveys that prayer can bring peace and calmness when one is scared or frightened. The illustrations are detailed, fun, and expressive.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like books about praying to Jesus or do not have a personal relationship with Him may avoid this one. Initially, I had trouble figuring out the names of the shark and octopus as there are few references, and the pictures do not always sync with the dialogue. With three syllable words, it may be too complicated for beginner readers.

~ Who ~
Author Mancini is an adjunct professor in Florida as well as a wife and mother of two who devotes her life to Christ. Illustrator Sharp has over thirty years’ experience illustrating children’s books and lives in Michigan.

~ Wish ~
In reading this book, I was a little concerned that a child may think to only pray to God when they are frightened, but it does state He is always there. The ending comment to “always have Jesus in your heart” may suggest one can lose their salvation, which some may disagree.

~ Want~
This is a charming tale that many children will enjoy. It has bright, colorful pictures of happy creatures that live under the sea.

Thanks to BookCrash, GLM Publishing, and the author for providing this book for reading and reviewing.

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