Auto-B-Good – Fuel for the Finish DVD

Buy Christian Movies on | Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 1: Fuel For The Finish DVDTitle: Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 1: Fuel For The Finish DVD
Produced by: Rising Star Studios
UPC: 807622081161

“Along the way, everyone will learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime!” states the back jacket cover of the DVD, “Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 1: Fuel For The Finish.”

~ What ~
This fifty-minute DVD contains three adventures in Auto, a cartoon city where captive cars and trucks come to life. In the first adventure, Izzi learns thankfulness for her friends through a talent show. The middle video has Franklin promoting to do something new like curling, encouraging perseverance. The last section is about regaining confidence when EJ falters on a skateboard. Two bonus sessions are about generosity and kindness. The cartoon illustrations are colorful with fun eyed-cars, background music, and different characters’ dialogues.

~ Why ~
With all stories promoting valuable life-lessons, they also help establish good character, how to make and keep friends, and think of others. I like how each video is short yet full of action and expressive cartoons. Adults may like looking at the various car designs that range from an old Model T to a Mercedes, truck, or sports car to name a few.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like cartoon illustrations as they are not real. Others may find
the stories either too short or long based on the child’s attention span.

~ Who ~
With Emmy winning animation, this series is appropriate for the entire family. More products can be found at

~ Wish ~
With the series promoting valuable life lessons, I wish more cartoons were based on wholesome but engaging themes were available.

~ Want ~
If you want an innocuous set of short video cartoons to have children watch that does not contain any scary or inappropriate scenes or language, this is a great start to a the fourteen DVD collection.

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2 responses to “Auto-B-Good – Fuel for the Finish DVD

  1. My three year old grandson loves cars (Hot Wheels, etc) I think he would love this DVD.

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