Wild About the Bible Sticker & Activity Book

Wild About the Bible Sticker and Activity Book (Adventure Bible)Title: Wild about the Bible Sticker & Activity Book
Illustrator: David Miles
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-75405-3

“Connect the dots to complete the picture of brave Queen Esther,” the page’s instructions state in David Miles’s book, Wild about the Bible Sticker & Activity Book.

~ What ~
Part of the Adventure Bible series, this numbered thirty-two-page paperback targets children four to eight years old, especially those that like doing paper activities and stickers. With no profanity or scary scenes, it is a collection of puzzles and games related to famous Bible stories. Due to some complicated wording, it would best be read out loud to beginner readers.

In this activity book, stories gleaned from the Bible of creation, Noah, Moses, Queen Esther, Ruth, Jesus and His parables and miracles, it has crosswords, mazes, secret codes, connect-the-dots, find the words, circle differences, word scrambles, coloring, and adding stickers.

~ Why ~
This is a fun book for those children who like hands-on books of things to do while learning about God, Jesus, and the Bible. I like the variety and how the stickers are in the back of the book and are reusable.

~ Why Not ~
With the book covering the Bible, the projects jump from story to story so the child may be adding stickers of Jesus’s miracles on one side of the page and looking for differences on Noah’s ark on the opposite page. Most of the activities may be too hard for toddlers.

~ Who ~
Illustrator Miles is also a web designer and publisher of family-oriented books.

~ Wish ~
I wish the stories were arranged in a better order. It may be advantageous creating a similar book for the preschool and beginner reader as well.

~ Want ~
If your child likes the Adventure Bible series, this is a viable option but may work better for early elementary school age children.

Thanks to the Z-Blog Squad for providing this book for reading and reviewing.

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