The I Quit Sugar Cookbook

The I Quit Sugar Cookbook: 306 Recipes for a Clean, Healthy LifeTitle: The I Quit Sugar Cookbook
Author: Sarah Wilson
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 978-0-553-45915-9

“We cook with what we’ve got, with scraps and leftovers, and we become happier and more creative,” Sarah Wilson writes in the introduction to her book, The I Quit Sugar Cookbook.

~ What ~
This three-hundred-and-eighty-four-page oversized paperback targets those interested in quitting or cutting back on sugar intake and processed foods and expanding, reusing, and reinventing leftovers. Containing over three hundred recipes, the book has full-color mouth-watering photographs gracing its pages.

Often inserting the writer’s perspective and experiences, the beginning of the book has her fad-free principles with six steps of how to go sugar-free in meals. The recipes cover the basics, breakfasts, snacks, bowls, meats, fish, vegetables, old-fashioned dishes, special and one-pan meals, leftovers, treats, celebrations, and gut-healing foods. The ending includes shopping lists, substitutions, a sweetener guide, Ayurveda, questions/answers, ten day menu planner, leftover and general indexes, and acknowledgments.

Being the focal point of the book, the recipes that contain no or little natural sugar have the serving size, bolded ingredients in used order, paragraph instructions, and count of vegetable and fruit servings.

~ Why ~
Knowing how processed sugar seems to be in everything we consume, I like to be conscientious of what is in the food I eat, often reading the labels or making a recipe from scratch. This easy-breezy DIY style of this book has hand-written notes, arrows, and circles that make the pages stand out.

Some of the interesting and eclectic recipes are titled Homemade Paneer, My Gut-Healing Brew, Cauli Popcorn, My Allergy-Free Bread, Rainbow Rolls, Puttanesca Festival, Vietnamese Turkey Pancakes, Skillet Fish ‘N’ Superslaw, Hipster Grandaddy Salad, Chinese Beef Cheeks, The Cheapest Stew Ever, Sweet Potato Nachos, Green Scraps Shakshouka, Tam Tins, Thai Lattes. and Hardcore Flu Tonic.

~ Why Not ~
Expecting the book to be mainly about omitting sugar from the diet by altering sweet cravings, I was surprised how much it covers all types of meals and dishes and making leftovers. A good portion of the recipes contain coconut oil, which some prefer to avoid. Others may not like the use of brown rice sugar in many of the dishes (it is 100% glucose so can raise blood sugar levels). Some may think all the added handwriting is overwhelming, too personal, and off track.

~ Who ~
The author of a previous best-selling book, Wilson has designed an eight-week program for people to quit sugar. She lives in the United States and Australia.

~ Wish ~
I wish the book included preparation time as well as caloric content as many of the recipes contain high fat and high carbohydrate ingredients.

~ Want ~
If you enjoy taking time looking through a plethora of recipes with added sidebars and notes while making a meal that is healthy with ideas for leftovers, this may be a good starter book that also avoids using processed sugar.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I may check this one out..

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