A Fool & His Monet

A Fool and His Monet: A Serena Jones Mystery (Serena Jones Mysteries)Title: A Fool and His Monet
Author: Sandra Orchard
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2671-3

“I’d train for this job to track down my grandfather’s murderer. If there was no hope, why was I here?” Serena asks herself if Sandra Orchard’s novel, A Fool and His Monet.

~ What ~
First of the Serena Jones series, this three-hundred-and-thirty-six-page paperback targets those who enjoy a mystery with a hint of romance and quirkiness. Containing no profanity or explicit sexual scenes, the topics of revenge, physical abuse, and illness may not be appropriate for immature readers. The first chapter of the sequel and the author’s biography complete the book.

In this mystery written in first person, twenty-eight-year-old FBI Special Agent Serena Jones has only been on the art crime team for ten months but has already solved an art crime. When a Monet and Rijckaert go missing from a museum where her friend is in charge of security, the single girl tries to track down the thief with her mentor, Tanner.

With the persistent input of a nosey aunt who has a mobster boyfriend, the list of potential criminals grows from a gold digger she is not allowed to interview to a security guard with a sick wife and a college boy that disappears to name a few.

Learning a new word a day, trying to get her cat to catch mice, and having late night visits from her apartment supervisor, the agent learns everyone has a price as she continues to uncover who killed her grandfather fifteen years ago.

~ Why ~
With the story focusing on artwork being stolen, it was engaging to me since I have a degree in art. There is banter between the protagonist and the many men she encounters. The sarcastic wit and dialogue often are diversions that make it entertaining.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like a mystery with a woman who has men swooning at her at every encounter may want to pass on this book. I found the flow of the book jumped around, baiting the reader without always resolving the issues.

~ Who ~
Winner of multiple awards, author Orchard keeps busy writing inspirational romantic suspense and mystery novels, speaking at events, and teaching writing workshops. She and her husband of over twenty-five years live in Canada.

~ Wish ~
With the ending abrupt and not answering the main point of Serena being an FBI special agent, the book may work better if there were less of the romantic interludes that went nowhere. Hopefully, the sequel will resolve her grandfather’s murder and her dating issues.

~ Want ~
If you enjoy a clean mystery with romantic teasing, this book may keep your attention if you like art, museums, and the FBI. With the main point of the book being unanswered, the sequel will hopefully tie up the loose ends.

Thanks to Revell for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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  1. Kimberly Osment

    I found 2 typos LOL. I have loved reading your reviews and have learned a lot.

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