The Gift of Rest

The Gift of RestTitle: The Gift of Rest
Author: Crickett Keeth
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-63357-040-5

“We find that soul rest by spending time in His Word and in His presence,” Crickett Keeth writes in the introduction of her book, The Gift of Rest.

~ What ~
Targeted toward mainly women, this one-hundred-and-twenty-two-page paperback concentrates on how to rest physically, mentally, and spiritually through studying God’s Word. Using the New American Standard Version of the Holy Bible, it covers verses taken from Genesis to Revelation, ending with a Puritan prayer and bibliography.

After acknowledgments, introduction, and author’s note, eight chapters cover five days in a week for two months of Bible study dedicated to knowing God better concerning rest. Starting with the Creation in Genesis as a model of God resting, the following chapters cover Moses in Egypt, the Ten Commandments, Joshua, God’s presence in Psalms, Solomon’s wise words, Jesus in regard to solitude, silence, listening and simplicity, and different rests including the promises in Heaven.

~ Why ~
With the writer having been a caregiver for her aging mother, I related to some of the topics having had the same experience two years ago. I, too, became exhausted and overwhelmed, finding peace only by getting back into the Word. I like how the book is set up in the five days of study that involve looking into God’s Word, looking upward, and looking reflectively. It is set up as a journal to fill out after reading Scriptures and meditating on His direction regarding rest, contentment, and peace.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like the many references to the Old Testament and the Sabbath, but they are good examples of God’s opinion of rest. Others that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ may not appreciate the Christian viewpoint.

~ Who ~
Keeth has co-authored one other book and writes and teaches Bible studies as well as speaks at women’s conferences while living in the Tennessee area.

~ Wish ~
Written more like an in-depth Bible study, the book might be more uplifting if there were added Psalms of encouragement and prayers helping one go through the hard times they face when rest is desperately needed.

~ Want ~
If you are seeking an eight-week devotional that focuses on God’s view of rest throughout the Bible, this may be a viable option.

Thanks to Book Crash for providing this book for reading and reviewing.

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2 responses to “The Gift of Rest

  1. Jackie McNutt

    Interesting review Conny. Care giving is indeed exhausting as we both know. I took care of my dad for 2 years and then my husband for year and half, all within 6 months of each other, very rewarding but it took me awhile to realize how drained i became until it was over, and how far I still have to go. Thanks for the review. This book looks interesting.

    • Jackie ~ sorry to hear about your dad & hubby – God gave you strength to get through it (I was the caregiver for my 95 yr old mother-in-law for 17 mos – did wear me down. The book is more of a Bible study about rest in the Word. Take care, girl!

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