Trish’s Team

Trish's Team (Lady Tigers Book 1)Title: Trish’s Team
Author: Dawn Brotherton
Publisher: Blue Dragon Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-939696-12-0

“Trish, actions have consequences. And sometimes those consequences affect more than just you,” the preteen is told in Dawn Brotherton’s children’s book, Trish’s Team.

~ What ~
First in the Lady Tigers series, this one-hundred-and-twenty-eight-page paperback targets eight-to-twelve-year-olds, especially girls who like playing sports. With no profanity or adult situations, it does contain a couple of innocuous slang words. The ending includes ten pages of baseball definitions, six discussion questions, and the author’s note and biography.

Getting ready for the seventh grade, young Trish excels playing on the local fastpitch softball team. When she is selected to join the 12-14-year-old Lady Tigers on their travel ball league, she jumps at the chance but does not tell her parents. With violin practice and schoolwork, Trish knows her parents have no interest in the sport she loves so she lies and sneakily gets her dad to sign the required forms to join the team.

Only when her coach benches her for a couple of games for breaking his rules does the smart girl realize there are consequences that not only affect her but also her teammates.

~ Why ~
This is a nice series that shows young girls that sports, friendship, and dedication are important in life. Explaining making choices for the wrong reasons causes problems, the story is well-written without being pushy or preachy.

~ Why Not ~
Some adult readers may not agree with how Trish’s lying and manipulation were handled as no discipline or grounding by her parents took place; she was not punished for breaking their rules.

~ Who ~
A colonel in the United States Air Force serving at the Pentagon, Brotherton is the author of five books that involve two series for middle schoolers as well as a contributing author of a book of short stories.

~ Wish ~
It would be advantageous if Trish were disciplined for lying to her parents. With the majority of America’s states using the “middle school” format of 6th to 8th grades, the book references junior high school (7th to 9th grade), and I wish it used the current, recognizable system.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for the beginning of a good series that promotes enjoying sports and teamwork while learning there are consequences when disobeying the rules, this will make a nice choice.

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