Enchanting Animals

Adult Coloring Books: Enchanting AnimalsTitle: Enchanting Animals
Author: Inky Balm Designs
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1-523436705

“36 Tranquil animal designs to soothe your soul, lift your spirits, and unleash your creativity,” the back jacket states in Inky Balm Designs’ book, Enchanting Animals.

~ What ~
This seventy-eight-page oversize paperback targets those who love to spend time relieving stress by coloring. With a black and white drawing on the right side of each page, the left side is blank so one can cut out the page or not bleed through to the next page when drawing.

This adult coloring book concentrates on artworks of thirty-six animals from a rhino, iguana, octopus, and fox to a turtle, rooster, snail, and penguin to name a few. Sometimes using thick black lines, the drawings are detailed with geometric and floral patterns that can be filled in with colored pencils or pens.

~ Why ~
Having a degree in art, I like coloring books as they leave the creativity up to the “artist” when filling in the small patterns. This one is well-designed as the illustrations do not get cut off from the book’s binding. The animal is the focal point with blank backgrounds that could be colored. I appreciate the back of the drawing being empty so the picture could be carefully cut out and framed.

~ Why Not ~
Some that are not artistic may think this book would not work for them, but they might want to reconsider as the lines are all drawn out, so all one needs to do is pick up a colored pen or pencil and fill in the sections. The paper is rather thin so any water-based marker or gel pen will bleed through to the other side. To overcome this, it is recommended either removing the page from the book when working on it or insert a piece of cardboard to protect the next page’s illustration. Some may complain some of the patterns are so small that only a fine-tip pen or pencil can draw in them.

~ Who ~
Inky Balm Designs is dedicated to promoting color therapy to the soul in their collection of adult coloring books. Currently, there are four books that cover mandalas, flowers, birds, and animals. Shutterstock is the source for their designs.

~ Wish ~
This is one of the few coloring books that have the drawings printed far enough from the book’s binding. I wish the book laid flatter and the paper was a little thicker, so inks and sharp pencil tips do not bleed through or mark the next page.

~ Want ~
If you want a charming adult coloring book that is not overwhelming like so many others, this one on enchanting animals is a keeper. Would I buy it if not reviewing it? Probably, as it is a perfect gift for someone afraid of coloring yet wanting to spend an hour or two on a fanciful, artistic creation.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Thanks to the Inky Balm Designs for providing a free sample of this coloring book for test and review purposes.

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