The Red Door Inn

Title: The Red Door Inn
Author: Liz Johnson
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2402-3

“It was time to go. Time to run. But her feet refused to move,” Marie Carrington realizes in Liz Johnson’s novel, The Red Door Inn

~ What ~
The first book in the Prince Edward Island Dream series, this three-hundred-and-fifty-two-page book targets those who enjoy contemporary Christian romance and relationship dynamics. With no profanity, adult topics of verbal and sexual abuse may not be appropriate for immature readers. The ending includes an excerpt of the next book, acknowledgments, and author’s biography.

Set on Prince Edward Island in Canada, this tale focuses on Marie Carrington, a young woman giving up her father’s inheritance and refusing to be his business pawn due to a horrific incident. When the girl-on-the-run meets seventy-two-year-old widower, Jack Sloane, on a ferry to the island, she tries to keep her panic attacks at bay, especially when she is introduced to his nephew, Seth. With nowhere to go and wanting no one to find her, Marie helps Jack and Sloane restore, update, and prepare the Red Door Inn to become the island’s newest bed and breakfast.

As the skittish, tight-lipped woman fears personal contact and closeness to the two men as well as God, Seth questions Marie’s true intentions, thinking she is out to get Jack’s money due to the younger man’s past with a fiancé.

Having the backdrop of refurbishing the inn, the three hurt and lonely individuals relearn about love, affection, and affirmation as they work together to renovate the house despite its many setbacks and pitfalls.

~Why ~
With the theme of restoring a B and B full of antiques, the story is quaint and old-fashioned when it comes to romance and love of family. I liked how Marie processed her need for seeking approval and blessing from not only her father but others.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like Christian romance will pass on this story that promotes God is the loving Father with no flaws. Although no eternal plan of salvation is discussed, it does have references to the Bible. I found the predictable story often used duplicate verbiage in the passionate desire and kissing scenes.

~ Who ~
A full-time marketing manager, Johnson has written nine novels including a bestselling novella and many short stories. She lives in Tennessee.

~ Wish ~
I wish all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

~ Want ~
If you like a series based on a beautiful island setting where new love can be found and the past forgotten and forgiven, this is the first in a contemporary Christian romance series.

Thanks to Revell for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on my honest opinion.

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