The Flower Workshop

Title: The Flower Workshop
Author: Ariella Chezar with Julie Michaels
Photographer: Erin Kunkel
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 978-1-60774-765-9

“The following chapters show how to make arrangements that light up a dinner, spark a party, or decorate a wedding,” Ariella Chezar with Julie Michaels writes in the introduction to her book, The Flower Workshop: Lessons in Arranging Blooms, Branches, Fruits, and Foraged Materials.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-fifty-six page hardbound targets those interested in flower arrangements and decorating with floral materials. After an introduction, ten chapters cover arrangements, tools, and flowers, ending with a seasonal flower guide, biographies, acknowledgments, and index. Full-color photographs grace almost every other page.

This book begins with the concept of “painterly” arrangements based on the famous artists of the past. After discussing techniques and tools, it gives brief ways to live with flowers. The bulk of the book explains tonal arrangements, favorite flowers, branch arrangements, fruits and berries, bouquets, compotes, and celebrations – all broken down by season, colors, and descriptions.

~ Why ~
As an artist, what I appreciated most about this book is the correlation of painting to making a flower arrangement, using chiaroscuro, one-to-two color designs, repetition in threes, and having the displays not only pretty but dramatic and unexpected. By using color combinations in the same hue with different textures of flowers, fruits, or tree branches, stunning results are achieved.

~ Why Not ~
Having numbered paragraph directions and lists of needed materials, there are few step-by-step visual aids of photographs given to show how to cut, trim, assemble, or display. Some may find the book focuses more on the finished arrangements with their gorgeous touches compared to an instructional format. However, by reading the details carefully, one can glean viable tips on how to make a memorable and remarkable flower feature.

~ Who ~
Author Chezar is a master floral designer whose works have been in several well-known magazines. She lives in New York on a flower farm with her husband and children. Also having a flower plus vegetable garden, Michaels has written and edited for newspapers and magazines. No information is provided on the photographer.

~ Wish ~
I wish the book had more step-by-step illustrations that showed how to do something for those that are visual learners.

~ Want ~
If you enjoy arranging flowers or decorating with them, this beautifully displayed book shows you the ins and outs of designing and displaying.

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