Jesus Today

Jesus Today Devotions for KidsTitle: Jesus Today
Author: Sarah Young, adapted by Tama Fortner
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-7180-8875-0

“You can talk with Jesus about everything, wherever you are and whatever is happening,” Sarah Young reminds young readers in the introduction to her children’s book, Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids, that is adapted by Tama Fortner.

~ What ~
At three-hundred-and-sixty-eight pages, this hardbound book with an embossed cover targets children ages six to ten years old. With no scary scenes, it is meant to be a daily devotional about Jesus and the Word of God. Using several versions of the Holy Bible, mainly the International Children’s Bible is referenced. It comes with an attached blue marker ribbon.

Written as if Jesus is writing to the reader, presumably a young 1st to 5th grader, there are 150 devotions followed by a Scripture index and the author’s biography. Each devotion is numbered (no date) and covers two pages. Interspersed are pages of written out Bible verses or short sayings by famous writers, authors, and preachers.

With the devotions worded in first person of Jesus Christ, there are usually a few paragraphs regarding the topic, followed by three to four written out Bible verses related to it. Titled subjects range from the power of prayer, trusting in Him, and God being with us always to love, peace, second chances, hope, and self-control to name a few. Each devotion is meant to promote having a closer, intimate relationship with the Creator.

~Why ~
Parents want to promote reading the Bible daily to our young ones, but it is hard when we do not want to push or make it mandatory. With this book, it helps the child consider that Jesus is with them always, throughout the day. I like that it focuses only on Christ and little else.

~ Why Not ~
With some of the devotionals complex in spiritual thought and doctrine, the younger readers may not comprehend what the topic is trying to convey. Those who do not have a personal relationship with God may not understand why it is necessary to spend time daily with God.

~ Who ~
The author of books that have sold fifteen million copies worldwide, Young focuses on devotionals for both children and adults. Having lived in Japan and Australia, she and her husband currently live in the United States.

~ Wish ~
Having read Young’s other books, my only concern is that this one does not mention how she received visions and revelations writing these types of books, and I question the process. Granted the words are uplifting and urge one to know God in depth, it may not be in depth doctrinally.

~ Want ~
If your elementary school-aged child is asking for a book to read as a devotional, this may be a viable option.

Thanks to Book Look Bloggers for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on my unbiased, honest opinion.

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