Life-Changing Magic

Life-Changing Magic: A Journal - Spark Joy Every DayTitle: Life-Changing Magic
Author: Marie Kondo
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 978-0804189095

“By taking a moment every day to appreciate the things that spark joy in your life, you will increase happiness and gratitude,” Marie Kondo writes in the introduction of her book, Life-Changing Magic: Spark Joy Every Day.

~ What ~
This four-hundred-page paperback targets those who enjoy writing daily in a three-year journal as it relates to joy. Geared for any age group, it has one blank-lined page for each day of the year with spaces for three years on the page.

The 6-by-7-by-1-inch book with a cardboard jacket has an attached red ribbon for marking a spot. Each day has the day written at top with the last two digits of the year to fill. The sporadic saying “Does it spark joy?” is written on the top right of every few pages. Random pages are added with the author’s quotes or a green shaded journal page. There are six lines to write per day.

~ Why ~
By having a daily journal that focuses on joy, one can look back and see how life has changed, how joy was found, and love was given. Some may like the condensed, small book that can be set on a nightstand, put in a bag, or tucked in a drawer.

~ Why Not ~
With only six short lines to write on, there is not much space to elaborate feelings or memories of the day’s happenings. Some may not like that it contains only three, not five years of journaling. Others, such as myself, expected something different from the author than a blank diary to complete.

~ Who ~
Founder of the KonMari Method, Kondo is a best-selling author of a book on tidying up as well as one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2015.

~ Wish ~
I wish the author conveyed this is merely a three-year journal that has a repetitive saying, a few random quotes, and little direction of suggesting ways to spark joy in one’s life.

~ Want ~
If you enjoy writing daily in a journal that suggests search for joy independently, this may be a good selection.

Thanks to the Blogging for Books for offering this book to read and review for my honest opinion.

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