Jesus Help Me

Title: Jesus Helps Me
Author: Callie Grant
Illustrator: Missi Jay
Publisher: Graham Blanchard Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9897949-5-4

“Which bird in this book is most like you?
Why did God make so many kinds of birds?
How does Jesus help you believe in God?”
Callie Grant writes at the end of her children’s book, Jesus Helps Me.

~ What ~
Part of the Knowing My God series, this eighteen-page board book with rounded edges targets infants to six years old that enjoy colorful photographs of birds with a focus on Diety. With no scary or violent scenes, it would best be read out loud to beginner readers due to some complicated wording. The New International Version of the Holy Bible is quoted throughout the book.

~ What ~
In this short book, the process of learning about diversity and faith in God is shown through photographs of different birds and how they nurture their young. With full-color pictures on the left side of the pages, the right sides begin with sections of John 12:44 – 47 written out, followed by simplistic white drawings on colored backgrounds, and several sentences that correlate the birds’ characteristics to faith in God. The ending has an explanation for grownups and three questions to ask the child.

~ Why ~
The photographs are stunning with close-ups of a swan carrying her ducklings, a kingfisher catching food, a stork family, terns in the snow, a owl with special eyes, a pair of cardinals, and a woodpecker feeding its young. Although lengthy for toddlers, the words explain the differences between the birds and God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus.

~ Why Not ~
Although infants will not be able to understand the pictures or words entirely, bonding is established when an adult reads to the child. Toddlers will enjoy looking at the bird images with minor comprehension, but the older children may think a board book is too childish for them. Adults may consider the theology concepts in the book are above the child’s apprehension level, yet it may be good way to memorize several Bible verses by repeatedly reviewing.

~ Who ~
Author and founder of Graham Blanchard, Grant has released over a dozen titles that promote a love of learning about God at an early age. Living in Texas, the writer/editor has a passion for educational publishing and children’s books. No information is given on the illustrator.

~ Wish ~
With this book containing some rather comprehensive words, beginner readers will have some difficulties. I wish the wording were a little simplified. It seems there are so many words to each page to read that it is more for adults to understand than children.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a beginner’s book to read to your child about God and His unique creation of birds, this may work if the child is ready to learn about the Almighty.

Thanks to Shelton Interactive for furnishing this complimentary set in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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