Catrina Conger: The Queen of Design in Seven Lovely Days

Catrina CongerTitle: Catrina Conger: The Queen of Design in Seven Lovely Days
Author: Joey Dilon
Illustrators: Sonia James, Andrew Salas, and Joey Dilon
Publisher: Joe Sandoval
ISBN-10: 0990748383
ISBN-13: 978-0990748380

“Anyone who wants to be my assistant will put on their best attire and walk the runway,” Catrina tells the animals in Joey Dilon’s children’s book, Catrina Conger: The Queen of Design in Seven Lovely Days.

~ What ~
This forty-eight-page oversized paperback targets children ages three to seven years old. With no profanity or scary scenes, it is a story about animals and their special features. Due to some two- and three-syllable words, it would be best read out loud to beginner readers. Full-color, full-page illustrations grace the pages with usually white writing overlapping them. The photographed artworks are colorful and expressive as they use paint, paper, and fabric mediums in their designs.

In this story, Catrina Conger’s plane has mechanical problems, so she has to hang out in the jungle with Penelope the Parrot until it gets fixed. Being a fashion designer, the girl decides she needs an assistant help her so has a runway contest for the animals. Initially, the animals do not want to participate. In the end, a zebra, giraffe, lion, alligator, ostrich, orangutan, and elephant vie for the position. It is up to Catrina to find a way to pick her assistant so all will be happy.

~ Why ~
This is an innocuous read for children as it shows how to be courageous and accepting of others through group participation while teaching about animals. I like how it mentions features and characteristics of the animals such as a zebra sleeps standing up, a giraffe grows to nineteen feet tall, lions live in a pride, the elephant is the largest land-living mammal, and the ostrich can run up to forty-three miles per hour.

~ Why Not ~
If you do not like pretend stories about animals, this may not be a book for you or your child. With the complicated wording, it may frustrate beginner readers due to containing some hard-to-understand words such as personality, diversity, and candidate.

~ Who ~
No information is provided on the author or illustrators in the book or on Amazon. Their website does mention Dilon has written three books that focus on love, morality, emotion, race, discrimination, disability, and more.

~ Wish ~
It would be helpful for beginner readers if the book contained shorter words and sentences so it could be used as a teaching tool for young readers.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a book about the different aspects of animals while promoting a healthy self-esteem, this would be a good book to share with your child.

Thanks to the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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2 responses to “Catrina Conger: The Queen of Design in Seven Lovely Days

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  2. Anne L. Rightler

    Conny, I could not find this book on Amazon to review. I created a book on Goodreads and posted the review there and also on Google+ and FB.
    Thank you for the book.

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