The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting

The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting: Techniques for Rendering Sky, Terrain, Trees, and WaterTitle: The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting
Author: Suzanne Brooker
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN: 978-0-80413-755-3

“Landscape painting offers everything a painter could want – space and light, movement and solidity, color and shape, texture and atmosphere,” Suzanne Brooker writes in the introduction of her book, The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-eight-page oversized hardbound targets those who want to improve their oil painting skills through learning about artworks of landscapes. After a foreword by Norman Lundin and introduction, six chapters cover the topic, ending with a conclusion, recommended reading, acknowledgments, and index. Full-color photographs of the author’s paintings, as well as other artists, grace almost all pages.

The first chapter shows how to get started in oil painting, discussing strategies and materials used. The next four chapters concentrate on the sky, terrain, trees, and water, explaining observing, drawing, toning, brush techniques, and demonstrations. The final chapter pulls the artwork together, reiterating the stages of the painting process. Features are included in the chapters relating to composition, brush techniques, the illusion of space, and glazing with sidebars involving cloud science and color palettes.

~ Why ~
Also having a degree in oil painting that focuses on landscapes and seascapes, I found the book informative for the beginner to intermediate painter. Although I do not first apply opposite color underpainting to my works, the writer promotes the technique. I liked that she discussed color theory often in showing how to paint clouds, trees, and water.

~ Why Not ~
As the artist stated at the beginning of her book, painting is a process of self-conscious observation and evolves as the painter finds their creative niche. The book may work for the beginner or intermediate painter, yet may be simplistic for the experienced artist.

~ Who ~
The author received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California Institue of the Arts and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She is a drawing and painting teacher at Gage Academy, conducting workshops from her studio in Washington.

~ Wish ~
I wish more instruction was offered on brushes for the novice painter. Since I work with the fan brush often, I did not see any reference to it or the in-depth differences of the tools used. Since art is subjective not objective, the writer portrayed a painting style that is the most familiar to her.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for artbook that focuses on painting landscapes in oil and not acrylic, this is a viable option if you cannot or do not take a hands-on art class that shows the techniques and facets of mixing and applying paint to the canvas.

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