The Caged In Heart

Title: The Caged In Heart
Author: Trillion Small
Publisher: Crovercroft Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-942587-32-3

“Most importantly, this book is for individuals who are struggling with relational hypervigilance and are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted from always being on the alert for threats that oftentimes are non-existent,” Trillion Small writes in the introduction to her book, The Caged in Heart: How Your Childhood Wounds are Affecting Your Adult Life.

~ What ~
This one-hundred-and-forty-four-page paperback targets those trying to free themselves from the past of abuse, shame, and abandonment, especially done during their childhood years. After a foreword and preface, seven chapters discuss the topic, ending with chapter notes and two appendixes. The New King James Version of the Holy Bible is used.

In this short book, the first four chapters discuss the unnoticed internal wounds we face from our childhoods and how being aware of them gives us relief to move on in life. The last three chapters explain the effect of abuse and how to accept, overcome, and get past it. Detecting childhood attachment injuries, inner self-harassment and self-brutality, maladaptive perfectionism, and relational hypervigilance, we can understand and apply self-compassion and relational discernment.

~ Why ~
If we are low in self-awareness, it is hard to have high self-compassion. The writer explains different responses and reactions to our childhood and how we process and promote them in our adult lives. I like that she reminded the reader about the Biblical women, Hagar and the Samaritan woman, and how they focused on God for answers. I appreciate the plan of eternal salvation is written out, especially for those not relying on Christ.

~ Why Not ~
Some of the writing is clinical and above the layperson’s average thinking, which may leave some readers more confused. One appendix includes the writer’s story that was written in third grade, and it is hard to decipher.

~ Who ~
Founder of Navigate YOU Counseling & Consulting, Small is a professional speaker, counselor, and author who specializes in interpersonal trauma. She lives in Tennessee.

~ Wish ~
I wish the third-grade story was retyped or better copied as I could not read it. Also, I wonder if including it is necessary for readers who do not know the writer personally.

~ Want ~
If you are trying to understand your childhood attachment injuries and how to deal with them so you can become a better person, this book may be helpful. Prayer and time in the Word of God are two pivotal resources.

Thanks to the Book Club Network and Clovercroft Publishing for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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