Win or Lose, I Love You!

Win or Lose, I Love You! (Lulu and Her Tutu)Title: Win or Lose, I Love You!
Author: Lysa Terkeurst
Illustrator: Jana Christy
Publisher: Zonderkids
ISBN: 978-0-529-10400-7

“Win or lose, one thing that’s true … No matter what, I love you!” Lysa Terkeurst writes in her children’s book, Win or Lose, I Love You!

~ What ~
Part of the Lulu and Her Tutu series, this thirty-two-page hardbound targets children ages four to eight years old who enjoy fun stories about animals while learning a lesson about competition. Concentrating on winning and losing, it shows young ones how to accept good and bad expectations in life. The colorful illustrations are charming and fanciful, gracing the full pages as they follow the storyline. In the beginning, the author explains how the book came about and refers to the ten written-out Bible verses at the back of the book.

In this story, Lulu and Max head off to the forest behind Lulu’s house to play games with the animals. Since it is Field Day and a leader will be chosen, the animals compete in a costume contest, stick toss, and obstacle course, with different reactions from the winners and losers. After one animal is so upset losing and the pie-eating contest is ruined, the group learns how to forgive, forget, and feel better.

~ Why ~
This is a wonderful tale that shows how jealousy, anger, and pouting are negative when someone does not win. By becoming loving, encouraging, and helpful, even those that lose can work together and have fun. I loved the story’s concept of turning negativity into positive reactions.

~ Why Not ~
Due to the complicated two- and three-letter syllable words, this book would be hard to comprehend for beginner readers. It would best be read out loud to those starting to read.

~ Who ~
President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Terkeurst is a best-selling author of nineteen books. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and five children. Illustrator Christy has designed numerous children’s books and lives with her family in Massachusettes.

~ Wish ~
I wish I had this type of encouraging book when my two sons were young. It would have helped with their discouragement and disappointment when they lost something they wanted to win.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a book to help explain actions when a child wins or loses, this is an excellent storybook that covers the topic well.

Thanks to Zonderkidz for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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