Annalise’s Up and Down Day

Annalise's Up and Down DayTitle: Annalise’s Up and Down Day
Author: Denise L. Jenne
Illustrator: Julie Iannone
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1514657485

“Toys down. Pick up.
Water filling up. Boat sinking down.
Read up. Eyelids down.
Sun down. Moon up,”
Denise L. Jenne writes in her children’s book, Annalise’s Up and Down Day.

~ What ~
This twenty-eight-page paperback targets children ages three to seven years old or those learning to read. With no scary scenes, it is a story about one day in the life of Annalise, a three-year-old girl. With the book opening vertically instead of horizontally, the pages are covered with bright, colorful illustrations that match the storyline.

Using simplistic sentences, when the sun comes up, Annalise gets out of bed and wakes up her father. After breakfast, getting dressed, and playing with blocks, the young girl goes outside and notices nature as she goes to the park and plays. When the clouds come and bring rain, she returns inside, has lunch, paints, and picks up her toys. With bath time over, she falls asleep before the sun goes down. Each page in the story shows the relationship of “ups” and “downs” the little girl experiences throughout the day.

~ Why ~
This is a cute, innocuous tale that teaches young readers to observe their surroundings by noticing what is up and what is down and why. I like that it focuses mainly on two words and their concepts instead of many topics at one time.

~ Why Not ~
There are a few two and three syllable words that beginner readers will not be able to read by themselves. However, the repetitive words in the book such as up and down will promote good reading skills.

~ Who ~
Having taught at state and online universities for over thirty years, Dr. Jenne has published books in the Criminal Justice field. With this book dedicated to her great-niece, it is her first children’s story. Illustrator Iannone has a degree in Art Education from Montclair State University and maintains an Etsy shop.

~ Wish ~
I wish some of the multi-syllable words were not as complicated for beginner readers and simpler words were used instead.

~ Want ~
If you wish to show a child the difference between up and down and its concepts, this entry-level book is a good way to do it.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for offering this book to review for my honest opinion.

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