Weird & Wonderful by Music Audio Stories

Title: Weird & Wonderful
Authors: Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy
Publisher: Busy Bees Publishing
MP3 Audio Stories

Music Audio Stories makes musical stories available on MP3 players that target listeners ages three to seven years old, especially those who with impaired vision or vision disabilities. With original classical music including piano and drums, the stories stimulate creativity in a young child’s mind. Each yarn offers a lesson that children can learn.

~ What ~
Weird & Wonderful is a tale of three friends: a snail, spider, and centipede. In this audio story, each insect mentions a characteristic about them. The centipede is sad for the spider and snail when he realizes they are often stepped on, so he makes up a song about how others should be careful and not step on them. Afterward, they travel to the centipede’s house and have tea and biscuits, reminding the listener again to try to avoid hurting tiny insects.

~ Why ~
With British accents and music reaching crescendos, the listening excitement builds in the story that is upbeat and positive. Children learn to observe nature and the life of tiny bugs.

~ Why Not ~
Although sometimes the music has background conversations, some sensory challenged children may get confused. However, the song may work well during quiet or rest time or while traveling for young ones who enjoy listening to a story that has music in it.

~ Who ~
Adie Hardy and Anna-Christina are a composing duo who produce original, fun, and inspiring children’s audio books. Living in London, they have released their ninth musical book.

~ Wish ~
The story is cute and charming, but the part regarding having tea and cake is a little noisy with many speaking. I wish the story ended instead with a child or bigger insect or animal avoiding stepping on the spider or snail out of kindness.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an uplifting and educational song about insects that promotes observing bugs and being kind, this would be a good selection.

Thanks to Music Audio Stories for furnishing this audio download in exchange for a review of the listener’s honest opinion.

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