The Plans I Have for You

The Plans I Have For YouTitle: The Plans I Have for You
Author: Amy Parker
Illustrator: Vanessa Brantley-Newton
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-72410-0

“The whole world will be better, thanks to little ol’ you … all because you did what I CREATED YOU to do,” Amy Parker writes in her children’s book, The Plans I Have for You.

~ What ~
This thirty-two page oversized hardbound targets children ages four to eight years old who enjoy a rhyming story that encourages inspiration. With pictures on each page of different vocations, it promotes that God has a plan for each child to accomplish something special when they grow up.

Focusing on Jeremiah 29:11, the illustrations show nurses, zookkeepers, entomologists, and others who are given a God-given purpose to do something they love. The bottom of several pages has an assembly line that produces all types of different job positions as children.

~ Why ~
This is a good book to have a Christian family review to reinforce that each child is special, and God has a plan for him or her. The designs are engaging and will keep young ones entertained.

~ Why Not ~
There are two concerns I noticed. The book is written in first person from God’s perspective, but the word God is never used (the beginning quote from the Old Testament uses the word Lord). It also refers to God mentioning His book, but never states it is the Bible. If this children’s book was read by a non-Christian child or parent, it might be confusing due to its vagueness.

~ Who ~
Author Parker has written over twenty books for children, teens, and adults. She is a mother and wife. Artist Brantley-Newton not only does illustrations for children’s books, she is a doll maker, crafter, wife, and mother.

~ Wish ~
I liked the book but wished the word God was not only on the inside jacket cover or referred to in the Bible verse listed before the title page. The opportunity was missed reinforcing it is about God.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an innocuous book that inspires and encourages children that the sky is the limit when dreaming about the future, this may work as a Christian reminder that God is in control.

Thanks to the Book Look Bloggers for offering this book to read and review for my honest opinion.

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