Gospel Formed

Gospel FormedTitle: Gospel Formed
Author: J.A. Medders
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 978-0-8254-4358-9

“A gospel-formed life has Jesus as our message, our motivation, our model, and our means. All of this matters because the worship of Jesus is the goal of the gospel,” J.A. Medders writes in his book, Gospel Formed: Living a Grace-Addicted, Truth-Filled, Jesus-Exalting Life.

~ What ~
This two hundred page paperback targets those interested in being gospel-centered with Christ as the focal point in their lives. After a forward by Jared C. Wilson and acknowledgments, it is divided into five parts of twenty-seven chapters with a conclusion and no index or reference section. The English Standard Version and New Living Translation of the Holy Bible are referenced.

The author reiterates the secret to growth in Christ is Christ, not ourselves. Focusing on worship and singing, he discusses feats of Christ throughout the Bible and how we can be gospel-centered by falling in love with Him again. Gospel worship, gospel identity, gospel community, and gospel mission are evaluated.

~ Why ~
My favorite part of the book was the short but meaningful, responsive readings to remind oneself that we have it all through Jesus. With some humor and dry wit, the book includes written out Bible verses as well as Bible characters such as Peter and Paul.

~ Why Not ~
The book does contain many eclectic topics to correlate our relationship with God. From birdwatchers, the kamikaze worm, and the writer’s hatred of Pepsi, it also refers to Banksy the violinist, Dumbo, and The Wizard of Oz. Although humorous at times, some readers may feel the personal references detract from concentrating on the Gospel.

~ Who ~
As a lead pastor in Texas, J.A. Medders has written for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Church Leaders, and more.

~ Wish ~
On a minor note and not affecting the rating, I wish all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. It would be a nice touch to have a bullet-point summary at the end of each chapter to review.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for book that helps you look at your relationship with Jesus as He being the center of everything, it will remind you that our purpose on earth is to glorify Him by becoming a “gospeler.”

Thanks to the Book Club Network for offering this book to read and review for my honest opinion.

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