No More Lies

No More Lies: Unshackle Your Heart and Your MindTitle: No More Lies
Author: Jill M. Tomlinson
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-942587-07-1

“It is not abut your natural ability, the perfection of your past, or how badly you may have blown it. It is all about what God says about you,” Jill M. Tomlinson writes in her book, No More Lies: Unshackle Your Heart and Your Mind.

This one hundred and ninety-two page paperback targets mainly women seeking to turn off Satan’s lies and turn toward God. The book includes endorsements, a dedication, introduction, conclusion, Scriptures for meditation, and a study guide. Using the New King James Version of the Holy Bible, the NIV, Amplified, and The Message are also referenced.

When the writer was a mere child, she experienced abuse that followed her to her adult life where the lies of Satan tempted, tested, and convinced her she was unclean, unworthy, and unforgiven by God.

Having mentioned her plight mostly in the introduction, the nine-chapter book shows an ample amount of people in the Bible who had to learn that God loves them no matter what. Some examples include females such as Sarai, Hagar, Rahab, and Esther as well as male figures: Abram, Joseph, David, Zacchaeus, and Peter.

Conveying that God’s heart should be our spiritual home, Tomlinson shows how we tend to think we can hide from unhealed wounds due to the devil’s lures and lies. We may believe we have been forgiven, but our emotions hold us hostage, leading us to further untruths about redemption.

Reiterating all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), the author gives the eternal plan of salvation with the reminder that every sin is the same, so even though one feels she cannot be forgiven, she can completely by God’s amazing grace.

With most of these types of books containing an abundant amount of the author’s memories, personal opinions, and heartbreaks, it is a refreshing read that focuses on God and forgiveness by concentrating on the Bible as a backdrop with its many flawed characters. It is would be well-recommended for anyone suffering from her past, realizing that Jesus is the true answer.

Author, speaker, ghostwriter, and adjunct instructor, Tomlinson is co-founder of Transcend Ministries. This is her second book. She and her husband and children live in Colorado.

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