God Bless Our Fall

God Bless Our FallTitle: God Bless Our Fall
Author: Hannah C. Hall
Illustrator: Steve Whitlow
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-529-12333-6

“From crunchy leaves to Mama’s squeeze
To pumpkins big and small,
We thank Him for all this and more
And say, ‘God bless our fall!’”
Hannah C. Hall writes in her children’s book, God Bless Our Fall.

Part of the God Bless series, this twenty-page hardbound with a padded cover and rounded edges targets preschool to early elementary school aged children who enjoy fanciful tales of animals while they learn about God. With no scary scenes, some of the complicated words should be read out loud to beginner readers. There are no references to Bible verses, but the book’s focus is on God and His blessings. Illustrator Whitlow’s designs are colorful and expressive, covering the full pages as they draw readers into the rhymes.

In this short book of rhymes, the topic of the season of fall is shown through cute, adorable animals. With four lines on every other page that rhyme, the scenes depict leaves falling, pumpkins growing, roasting marshmallows, going to a harvest festival, baking, and enjoying the season of cuddling and coziness.

Reminding the reader that God decorates what He creates, puppy dogs roam, raccoons stay warm, squirrels cuddle, pumpkins are carved, foxes sleep cozily, moles dine in their dens, pigs join in the fun, kitties cook, and hedgehogs play in leaves. But most importantly, all the animals thank God that He has blessed the changing season.

From the padded cover with shiny red leaf overlays to the animals all watching a bonfire, the book would be engaging for the preschool child who loves to look at furry friends or the beginner reader pronouncing words.

Although no Bible verses or the eternal plan of salvation mentioned, this book is a perfect bedtime story or gift for a young one who likes to sit on someone’s lap and be read to out loud. Hopefully, the author will be introducing the three other seasons in books dedicated to God blessing us and all He has made.

Lover of God, writer Hall is a bestselling author and award-winning blogger who devotes her time to her worship pastor husband and four young children. Artist Whitlow is a freelance illustrator specializing in children’s books with cute, fanciful, fun, and furry animals.

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2 responses to “God Bless Our Fall

  1. Awww This sounds like a sweet children’s book!

    Fall is my favorite season. I’d love if it lasted 10 months of the year. Spring and winter, a month each. 😀 (Summers in Georgia are just too humid. lol)

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