God, Please Rewire My MADFATs

God, Please Rewire My MADFATsTitle: God, Please Rewire My MADFATs
Author: James Bars / Co-Author: Blake Bars
Publisher: Home of Love Publications
ISBN: 9780981753430

“When you connect with God and allow His Spirit to direct your MADFATs, your life will come into harmony with His intention for you, and you will find great pleasure and joy in making healthy lifestyle choices,” James Bars and his son, Blake, write in their book, God, Please Rewire My MADFATs.

This two hundred and fifty-two page paperback targets those interested in discovering freedom from negative motives, affections, desires, feelings, actions, and thoughts by focusing on the Almighty God and His infinite love and abundant grace. Using mainly the New International Version of the Holy Bible, the NASB, ESV, NKJV, KJV, NLT, and The Message are also referenced.

After a page stating a significant portion of proceeds from the book’s sales being divided between five charities, there is an introduction followed by eleven chapters. The Laws of Love and Liberty and a System for Success, practice sheets, index, resources, authors’ biographies, and advertisements complete the book.

In this comprehensive textbook that is meant to be used daily, the writer reiterates that we are not on earth by mistake but by God’s design and purpose. If we shift life’s practices and patterns to match God’s will, He will inspire, rewire, and restore our lives.

Using acronyms, seven areas if spiritual growth are discussed that will change our motives, affections, desires, feelings, actions, and thoughts from no longer being self-centered with a fear-filled view of God to one that is full happiness and pleasure by serving Him and others.

With over one hundred pages of fifty-two weekly practice sheets that list each day of the week and are duplicated, documenting and journaling are stressed as statements are repeatedly rewritten intentionally. Daily topics involve revamping MADFATs, focusing on the fruits of the Spirit, understanding God’s amazing grace, knowing and following the Way up, shunning temptations, freeing to love others, and caring for our bodies as God’s temple.

Although the book with ample Bible verses is detailed with repetition, it would be hard to read over a few days, but studying it throughout an entire year of constant reading and writing as one grows closer to Christ would be warranted. Some may easily adapt to the journal format that forces concentration daily of the needed changes while others that do not enjoy writing will find spending more time directly in the Scriptures more helpful in knowing God intimately.

Having served in the Vietnam War, James Bars is a human behavior consultant, Christian counselor, and board certified master life coach who currently lives in Oregon. His son, Blake, has a health food store, having worked in the Pacific Northwest timberland for over ten years.

Thanks to the Book Club Network and Home of Love Publications for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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