Surrender to Love

SURRENDER TO LOVETitle: Surrender to Love
Author: Maryann Diorio
Publisher: TopNotch Press
ISBN: 978-0-930037253

“There comes a point when you have to let go of the past if you want to live in the present and have hope for the future,” Teresa is told by her mother in Maryann Diorio’s short book,  Surrender to Love.

This thin one hundred and twenty-one page paperback targets those that enjoy stories of overcoming the past and moving on to the future with God’s help. With no profanity, violence, or sexual content, the topic of depression and losing a spouse may not be appropriate for immature readers. The English Standard Version of the Bible is referenced. After reviews, acknowledgments, dedication, and an epilogue, twelve chapters contain the story, ending with ten discussion questions, a call to eternal salvation, the author’s biography with advertisements, and two excerpts from other books.

In this current-day novella that begins in New Jersey, five years ago Dr. Teresa Lopez Gonzalez lost her husband of two years. Although the thirty-one-year-old is a life coach, she does not apply the same advice to herself when it comes to moving on with life. Fixated on honoring God by remembering her deceased spouse, she is stuck in a non-existent, loveless life.

When her mother’s best friend invites Teresa to her homeland in Puerto Rico, Teresa is asked to be a life coach for the woman’s thirteen year old depressed granddaughter who still grieves and feels guilty her mother passed away during childbirth. Marcos, the girl’s father, wants to do all he can to help his child.

Learning that the past does not have to equal the future, Teresa and Marcos walk on emotional eggshells as they try to encourage his daughter. However, a romantic bond grows when the two visit Old San Juan and Teresa’s birthplace in Cantano.

Although the short love story is predictable and idealistic, it reminds those who have lost a spouse that God may have a special person waiting for them, filling a void in their lives. Making a nice book for a widow, it shows how love can conquer heartbreaking pain.

Having the trademark of “Truth through Fiction,” author Diorio has written non-fiction, fiction, and children’s books that focus on God. With a Ph.D. in French and Comparative Literature, she lives in New Jersey with her husband.

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