Waiting on God

Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does NothingTitle: Waiting on God
Author: Wayne Stiles
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 978-0-8010-1845-9

“God works through our waiting to strengthen our character through weakness, to develop our peace of mind by trusting him in chaos, and to teach us that we can glorify him just as much by waiting on him as we can by serving him,” Wayne Stiles writes in his book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing.

This two hundred and fifty-six page paperback targets those interested in learning to wait on God by examining the Biblical character of Joseph in the Old Testament. After a table of contents and introduction, the book is divided into three sections, ending with acknowledgments, note to the reader, and notes. A map of Joseph’s travels in Israel is included. The New American Standard Version of the Holy Bible is referenced as well as the KJV, NIV, YLT, and The Message. This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

In this eleven-chapter book, the author disects the life of Joseph, who had to learn patiently to wait on God when he left home, let go, and returned to his family. From dreams as a child and being thrown into a pit and sold by his brothers, he excelled in Egypt, was accused by the pharoh’s wife of rape, thrown in jail for two years, had to wait twenty-two years to reconcille with his siblings, and bury his father.

Throughout each chapter, Stiles relates a myriad of personal reflections ranging from his dysfunctional family problems and mother’s death to dogs, smartphone issues, passing a kidney stone, and failing vision to name a few.

Promoting that waiting on God is normal and a choice we make, we need to realize that God uses our struggles to have us focus on Him. As He takes the initiative first, He gives us tests while Satan tempts us. By waiting on God, we have hope, faith, patience, and trust.

Although the book mentions sex that may not be appropriate for immature readers, it shows how Joseph had to wait patiently on God, and in the end, he understood that God surely took care of him and his family.

Former pastor and Holy Land traveler, author Stiles has served in the ministry for over twenty-five years. As an executive vice president at Insight for Living Ministries, he lives in Texas with his wife.

Thanks to Baker Books for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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