Real Food for Rookies

Real Food for Rookies: Healthy Cooking - Traditional Food - Vibrant HealthTitle: Real Food for Rookies
Author: Kelly Moeggenborg
Publisher: House of Bread
ISBN: 978-1-939603-86-9

“My goal is that this guide would take the confusion out of eating real food, so instead of feeling overwhelmed and then paralyzed not knowing what to change first, you’ll be able to quickly and easily plan meals, adapt recipes, and work your way more efficiently through the grocery store aisles or farmer’s market,” Kelly Moeggenborg writes in her book, Real Food for Rookies.

This one hundred and seventy-four page paperback targets those seeking to eat better and healthier by using organic and local food. With a few slang words, the book is a collection of ideas, suggestions, and concepts to change one’s eating habits into a better, healthier, and more spiritual lifestyle. Both the King James and New King James versions of the Holy Bible are quoted.

After a dedication, reviews, table of contents, and thank you, the book is divided into two parts that contain eighteen total chapters and end with three appendices, measurements/conversions, author’s biography, websites, publisher’s information, and index.

The first part offers reference guides for good and bad food ingredients, local versus organic, fats and oils, milk variations, and quick facts regarding bad and good foods as well as a spiritual call to God. The second section includes the top tens of junk food and real food, six obstacles switching to eating better, six recipes, closing thoughts, and helpful resources and links.

Believing that palm oil is healthy, butter is better, cod liver oil is a superfood, most local raw milk is safe, and sourdough bread is the most nutritious, the writer warns to read food labels and not purchase anything that contains unpronounceable words. Syncing with Dave Ramsey’s six money principles, six are adapted to food habits to follow.

Although the book has a few grainy black and white photographs and often refers to the author’s website, it gleans many helpful options for eating better and wiser while keeping the human body that God created healthy.

Living in Michigan, author Moeggenborg is known online as Kelly the Kitchen Kop. Having had a “food transformation” ten years ago, her mission is to show others how her family of six transitioned to real food.

Thanks to The Book Club Network for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reviewer’s honest opinion.

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