The Twinkies Cookbook

The Twinkies Cookbook, Twinkies 85th Anniversary Edition: A New Sweet and Savory Recipe Collection from America's Most Iconic Snack CakeTitle: The Twinkies Cookbook
By Hostess Brands
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 978-1-60774-771-0

“For several generations, Hostess Twinkies have tantalized America’s taste buds with a sweet and irresistible charm, creating a lasting and indelible impression – a magical mystique that seemed certain to live on forever,” write the Hostess’editors in the introduction to their book, The Twinkies Cookbook.

At one hundred pages and twenty-four pages, this hardbound targets those interested food recipes involving using the iconic Hostess Twinkie. With full-page, full-color photographs that cover only a third of the completed dishes, there are over fifty recipes. A three page index ends the book.

After acknowledgments, preface, and introduction celebrating eight-five years of this sweet sensation, seven sections cover a plethora of recipes using the oblong cream-filled sponge cake. Divided into chapters about the small dessert being added to cake, pie, fruit, chocolate, cream, meat, and novelty ingredients, there are many options to choose.

Each recipe that covers one to three pages starts with the serving size and name, followed by the inventor/chef’s reason or use for the dish written in a sky-blue font. Ingredients begin on the left side of the page in used order while the instructions are written in paragraph form on the left side. Interspersed are occasional photographs of the usually sweet creation. Without listing preparation times, there is no caloric or nutritional information.

Some of the unusual dishes range from Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Twinkies, No-Bake Twinkie Pumpkin Pie, and Apple Brie Cheddar Minis to Twinkie Burritos, Twinkiehende, Crazy Twinkie Caprese Bites, and Twinkie Grasshopper.

Be sure to serve the sweet Twinkie Kebabals, Lasanga, Misu, or Ice Cream after the main entrees of Chicken-Raspberry Twinkie Salad or Twinkie Corndog, Burger, or Turkey.

With such an odd collection of recipes, one cannot go wrong using this long-lasting, delightful dessert as an integral part of his or her next meal. Although some of the recipes are a tad outlandish, and there are only a few photographs, one gets the drift that a Twinkie is fair game in cooking any dish.

One of the more interesting parts of this book is the introduction that offers a historical timeline of Twinkies including facts, ingredients, its inventor, and the celebration of eighty-five years in production.

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