The Royals in We Persevere

The RoyalsTitle: The Royals in We Persevere
Authors: Joey Dilon and Nicole Chigounis
Illustrators: Andrew Salas, Sonia James, and Joey Dilon
Publisher: Joe Sandoval
ISBN: 978-0990748342

“That our disabilities do not define us. They are only part of us but is not who we are! We are so much more,” Lea answers the queen bee in the children’s book by Joey Dilon and Nicole Chigounis, The Royals in We Persevere.

This unnumbered forty-four page oversized paperback targets children ages four to eight years old. With no extremely scary or awkward scenes, the book is about three unique bees and how they are tested when they are forced to change. It should be noted the book appears not to be professionally edited as there are errors in verb tenses, punctuation, and grammar that may not be helpful to beginner readers. A page written sideways at the end may confuse some readers.

The full-page, full-color illustrations by Salas, James, and Dilon are a combination of paint and paper with creamed-colored designated areas for the written storyline. Pictures of attacking insects may concern some children, yet the bees’ expressions are not alarming.

In this story that promotes persistence and loyalty to others, Queen-E knows her three royal children have to move to a new home. With Mia being deaf but an excellent archer, fast-flying Lea unable to see, and Rae-Rae having an artificial wing, the move will be a challenge.

On the day the colony evacuates, the three royal bees are separated from their hive and encounter a spider, an army of frogs, soldier ants, many mosquitos, and an industrial area. Through every happenstance, Mia, Lea, and Rae-Rae must use their disabilities to better themselves and escape the unwanted situations.

Although the story is lengthy for young ones, older children may enjoy and understand concepts of believing in oneself, being sensitive to others, and persevere to reach a goal. Wishing the book did not have an abundance of errors, this reviewer had to mark it down as it is important to convey proper writing skills to easily-influenced readers.

There is no mention of biographical information on the authors or illustrators in this book as the back jacket has little writing. However, noted on the website, author Dilon has always dreamed of writing stories and is an author and illustrator.

Thanks to Jenkins Group for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reviewer’s honest opinion.

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