Zero Victim

Zero Victim: Liberate Yourself from the Mentality of DefeatTitle: Zero Victim
Author: James E. Ward Jr.
Publisher: James Ward Ministries, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-692-29583-0

“To develop a Zero Victim Mentality, you must fully consider your history, your beliefs, values, presuppositions, superstitions etc., and question the validity of each of them. In your efforts to end victim thinking, you must realize that some unsuitable ideals from your past must be eliminated if you are to reach your destination,” James E. Ward Jr. writes in his book, Zero Victim: Liberate Yourself from the Mentality of Defeat.

This one hundred and twenty-six page paperback targets those interested in learning how to stop being a victim and become a victor in their lives. After a dedication and acknowledgments, nine chapters cover the topic, ending with an appendix and the author’s biography.

This thin book helps explain how to shed one’s past of being a victim and learn how to change the mindset to overcome injustice. With victim mentality tracked back to one’s upbringing, adverse thoughts and past experiences should be reevaluated. By liberating and protecting oneself, he or she can recondition and precondition the mind to be viewed as a winner.

The first chapter covers everyday pitfalls that create victims of a hostile world while the next chapter identifies six steps to preparing mentally for unfortunate events. The third section shows what role events shape mentalities as the environment generally formulates both positive and negative perspectives.

In the fourth chapter, the writer reveals his journey without including too many personal memories or experiences. He mentions how understanding and developing Zero Victim Thinking along with his third grade teacher made a monumental difference in his life.

The last three chapters offer five valuable lessons, how negative words are destructive, and comments when the family plays a role in victim thinking. The last two chapters are practical steps to reverse being wounded or suffering and how to develop Zero Victim Mentality.

Using Biblical characters such as Joseph, Solomon, and Paul as well as Jesus, one must not seek revenge, but love the enemy, treat others others as themselves, show mercy, and accept God’s help.

With an appendix that includes the eternal plan of salvation through Christ, one can overcome feeling like a victim and become transformed by the Almighty’s love, grace, and acceptance.

Author Ward is a corporate executive who speaks nationally on spiritual and cultural issues. Also a senior pastor and musician, he lives with his wife and two children in Illinois.

Thanks to B & B Media Group, Inc. for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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