Five Days in Skye

Five Days in SkyeTitle: Five Days in Skye
Author: Carla Laureano
Publisher: David C. Cook
ISBN: 978-0-7814-1307-7

“The fact he’d already turned her into a blithering idiot once didn’t bode well for her quick thinking. But she’d manage. She had to. She hadn’t come this close to achieving her goals just to let a man get in her way,” the determined Andrea believes in Carla Laureano’s novel, Five Days in Skye.

First of the MacDonald Family Trilogy series, this three hundred and thirty-two page paperback targets those who enjoy contemporary romance. With some slang and the word hell used, scenes of passionate kissing may not be appropriate for immature readers. Promoting Christian theology of trusting in God, no eternal plan of salvation discussed in detail. The ending includes seven discussion questions and the first chapter in the next book in the series.

In this current-day tale, thirty-one-year-old Andrea Sullivan has worked her way up the hospitality consultant ladder for the past eight years. Being considered for a vice president position at her job, her plans are derailed when she does not get a contract based on being sexually harassed. Instead of taking a vacation, she is sent to Scotland to close a huge deal involving a well-known international chef’s dream to revamp his deceased father’s hotel.

James MacDonald has it all; the wealthy, good-looking owner of several restaurants has a large following with his television show and cookbooks. Wondering if life has little left to offer, the assumedly flippant playboy struggles with the opposite sex. By staying aloof emotionally, the thirty-five-year-old Scotsman feels he is a brand, not a man.

Dreading the flirtatious attention of another man who she thinks gets everything he wants, Andrea has her heart well-guarded, insisting not to fall in love again. As she thwarts James’s constant approaches, the professional sales woman’s only goal is to get a signed contract.

While the disarming man woos and charms her with his wit and ways showing her the “deep quiet” of the Isle of Skye, Andrea wonders if she can let go of the past feelings of being damaged goods. Only when the two rely on God over a five-day period, can they begin to trust each other.

As an engaging read surrounding the beauty of Scotland, the story reminds readers that God is in control, knowing what is best for us. By accepting He can heal past wounds, two can find a true, loving relationship.

RITA award winner, author Laureano enjoys writing romance and Celtic fantasy series. Having ten years’ experience in marketing, she is a full-time writer who lives in Colorado with her husband and children.

Thanks to the RadiantLit and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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2 responses to “Five Days in Skye

  1. Oooh, I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland. This book sounds like a great way to visit. 😉

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