Report Writing: A Survival Guide

Report Writing: A Survival GuideTitle: Report Writing: A Survival Guide
Authors: Joyce Kupsh and Rhonda Rhodes
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 978-1-4500-6892-5

“Anyone can write a report. The key is to write a report that people want to read. Developing an effective writing style requires knowledge and practice,” Joyce Kupsh and Rhonda Rhodes write in their book, Report Writing: A Survival Guide.

This one hundred and thirty-four page paperback targets those interested in writing reports, proposals, documents, and other written works more professionally. After acknowledgments and an introduction, the book is divided into seven chapters, ending with checklists and an index.

This thin compilation gleans a plethora of information to make it easier when writing. Starting the first chapter on the purpose of the writing, over thirteen types of reports are briefly explained. The different format styles are offered as well as the parts of a standard report.

The second chapter contains six pages, explaining how to start the writing process through planning, researching, and outlining. The following section discusses referencing and citing sources while the fourth chapter includes writing with objectivity, conciseness, coherence, and tone.

The next two chapters are more detailed, offering tips on polishing and producing the report. Some topics include rules on abbreviations, capitalization, and punctuation along with traditional fonts and layouts to use. Although the examples are simple and to the point, the rules and nuances are generalizations compared to popular in-depth manuals on proper writing applications.

An important facet of the book that many writers ignore is the final chapter on finishing the written project by editing substance, style, and consistency. Some proofreading tips include reading out loud or reading each line backward to find errors.

The checklists at the back of the book may be helpful for novice writers as they offer chapter-by-chapter charts to consider when writing a report. Although some may find them tedious, they are good reminders to recheck, rewrite, or rethink when writing.

This guide is beneficial mostly to the beginner writer who needs a quick resource guide. Some experienced writers may collect ideas from its contents, but they may already be relying on other more comprehensive reference manuals.

This reviewer hopes she has written an adequate report according to the writers’ guidelines.

Professor Emerita Kupsh has published books and articles while also conducting workshops and seminars in several countries. Rhodes, a Professor of Technology, researches, publishes, and presents worldwide also.

Thanks to Bookpleasures for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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