The Wonder of You

Title: The Wonder of You
Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4143-7845-9

“Okay, here’s the deal. We start over. From the beginning. I want honesty every step of the way, no games. If you lie to me, even once, we’re over. Can you live with that?” Amelia demands in Susan May Warren’s love story, The Wonder of You.

Part of the Christiansen Family series, this four hundred page paperback targets those who love romance with relational conflicts, confrontation, and acceptance. With one quoted slang word and no overtly sexual scenes or violence, the topic of assumed premarital sex may not be appropriate for immature readers.

Continuing the story of the large Christiansen clan, this current-day story involves the youngest daughter, Amelia, and her personal challenge deciding what to do with her life and with whom.

Returning abruptly after a semester overseas, independent and confident Amelia is jilted and confused when the mysterious British Roark St. John arrives at her parents’ doorstep in Deep Haven, Minnesota, to ask for forgiveness in their broken-off relationship.

Resuming her long-time relationship with Seth Turnquist, Amelia knows he loves and wants to marry her, but something is holding her back. Seth, cocky and sure of himself, is baffled when Amelia recoils every time her so-called fling with Roark is discussed.

Unknown to most of Deep Haven and the Christiansen family, Roark is heir to a mega-million dollar resort conglomerate, but he will do anything in his power not to let others know of his wealth, including lying or hiding the truth. Running from his past, he feels like Biblical Jonah in the big fish’s belly.

Sticking around to reconnect with Amelia, Roark must not only face the jealousy and anger of Seth but also win back the woman who has changed his life and way of thinking, even if it is not part of his plan.

As Amelia and Roark fear their inadequacies and regrets, God draws them back, showing how to trust Him by looking past how others view them. Through trusting, the wonder of God brings into focus what each needs to do to bring peace and acceptance.

With other family members’ lives updated, Grace and Max must deal with their quick decisions, especially when a young orphan girl comes into their lives.

Warren’s story of forgiving oneself by understanding how Christ see us is the focal point as we look to Him for guidance. Always leaving options for another novel in the series, the read leaves unknown answers to what happens next in the Christiansen’s family.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinions.

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