7 Wealth Building Secrets

Seven Weath Building SecretsTitle: 7 Wealth Building Secrets
Author: De’Andre Salter
Publisher: LifeBridge Books
ISBN: 978-1-939779-10-6

“The message of wealth building is clearly scriptural, but the wealth we are to receive must come through the hands of God, not via our own schemes and devices,” De’Andre Salter writes in his book, 7 Wealth Building Secrets: Your Guide to Money and Meaning.

This one hundred and seventy-six-page paperback targets those seeking to honor God when it comes to handling finances using Biblical principles. Using mainly the New King James Version of the Holy Bible, the CEV, NCV, and NIV are also referenced. After a dedication and introduction, the book is divided into seven sections, with chapter notes at the end.

Stating half the United States has a net worth of zero, the author reminds readers there are over twenty-three thousand verses in the Bible dedicated to wealth and money management. Using his seven secrets that he has found in the Bible, one can enter the cycle of wealth and become financially secure by trusting in God’s will.

Noting mankind should be fruitful and multiply, not only physically but monetarily, we should seek growth, development, and increase while leaving a legacy. Short term goals may be given up to attain long-term ones through financial fasting, discipline, and making necessary sacrifices. Having the power of wealth for God’s covenant instead of ours, we need to handle our “seeds” properly when planting for His kingdom. With continual faith, prayer, and dedication to the Lord, we will be blessed beyond measure.

Mentioning Biblical characters such as Adam in the Garden of Eden, Abraham’s abundance profited by Lot, and Joshua’s dealing with Achan, also mentioned are Isaac, Solomon, Jonah, the Apostle Paul, and Jesus’s parables.

Having recuperated from personal bankruptcy to being responsible to God financially, Salter’s chapters may not have pinpoint directions or lists of what to do, but they promote how both Christians and unbelievers should not be caught up in what we have but that everything is God-given and He is ultimately in control.

Author Salter is both a minister and entrepreneur. As senior pastor of a church in New Jersey, he also is CEO of various successful business ventures. He and his wife have four children.

Thanks to the Book Club Network, LifeBridge Books, and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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