How to Love Your Neighbor without Being Weird

How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being WeirdTitle: How to Love Your Neighbor without Being Weird
Author: Amy Lively
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1700-5

“Your neighbors are in crisis. They are by the side of the road – your road, in your neighborhood. Will you walk on by? Or will you be moved with compassion? Will you stop? Will you care?” Amy Lively challenges the reader in her book, How to Love Your Neighbor without Being Weird.

This two-hundred-and-twenty-four page paperback targets Christian women seeking ways to encourage friendships in neighborhoods. After acknowledgments and an introduction, eleven chapters discuss the topic. The end of the book includes three appendices, notes, and the author’s biography.

Author Lively is a speaker and writer who promotes interacting with neighbors everywhere. Leading a women’s neighborhood Bible study in Ohio, the married woman with a daughter oversees communications at her church.

The writer admits freely she walked away from God for twenty years. But when she found her way back to Him, she realized she did not know her neighbors and was prompted to start a local women’s Bible study.

Knowing most people spend two hours a day on the computer and over thirty-five percent of those over the age of forty-five years are lonely, she began knocking on neighbors’ doors with a myriad of results.

Focusing on a home that is comfortable, non-confrontational, convenient, a curiosity, and not a church, the writer has learned valuable lessons on how to reach out to others that live next door.

Chapters include how to meet others and what to say and give as gifts without being overbearing or pushy. Also included are discussions regarding natural fears, pseudo-reasons putting off neighborly love, knowing one’s spiritual gifts, and the seven influences in our lives.

Each chapter is full of Bible verses and its characters who reached out to others and the outcomes, both good and bad. There are inserted highlighted boxes of reminder notes to help the reader gain confidence and support. The chapters conclude with “Next Best Steps” which are numbered actions and Scripture reading to help the individual become more caring. The appendices have websites with descriptions and mapping sites when expanding the neighborhood into several blocks of coverage.

This is an ideal book for a woman who feels lead of the Holy Spirit to get to know her neighbors better. Although it targets females, some ideas can be used by men who feel the need to reach out to others. With a lively personality, it makes sense the author has found her calling of making neighborhood friends.

Thanks to Bethany House for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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    This sounds like a wonderful book with some great ideas to not only meet neighbors, women in particular, and help them, too!

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