* CONTEST * The Age of the Battleship ~ 1 Free Book Giveaway!

The Age of the Battleship 1890-1922: Second Edition, revised and enlarged 2015



ONE WINNER will be randomly selected to win FREE from the author this recently released book.

REVIEW  TEASER: “The U.S. Navy had come a long way from the doldrums of 1881. It had risen in strength and efficiency to be placed on a par with the largest navy in the world. It had risen in spite of internal bungling and congressional bumbling; in spite of cyclic indifference and parochial blindness,” Brayton Harris writes at the end of his book, The Age of the Battleship: 1890-1922.

SIMPLE steps to enter this 3-day contest

1.  Follow my blog if you do not do so already.
2. Click on the headline ** CONTEST ** to be sure you are on the Reply page.
3. Post in the “LEAVE A REPLY” section below why you want to read this exciting book (could be funny, clever, serious, or the words “I want” since the winner is randomly chosen).
4. Check out one of the author’s websites on the internet.

5. If you are the winner, please consider posting a review regarding what you thought of the book on at least 2 websites.

This is a FAST CONTEST ending MONDAY, MAY 11th, 2015 after 6 PM PST so follow the requirements above and try for a chance to win a book that is mailed from the publisher directly to you!Winner’s shipping address must be in the U.S.A.

I read & reviewed this book & it’s a 4.5 STAR!
Here is my review: https://connywithay.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/the-age-of-the-battleship/



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10 responses to “* CONTEST * The Age of the Battleship ~ 1 Free Book Giveaway!

  1. My dad was a WWII verteran who enlisted in the Navy. He used to tell me stories about his adventures. I would love to win this book to be reminded of what our brave men and women did for our country.

    • Yes, Julie ~ I got the book to give to my 93 year old dad who was in the Navy. It is the wrong war but interesting. You are LETTER A for this contest. Thanks for entering.

  2. Susan P

    Oh wow, my hubby and son would adore this book!

  3. Debra Warila

    I would love to read this book. Growing up a “Navy Brat,” I’ve always been fascinated with the history of ships.

  4. Jackie McNutt

    my son served in Marines and spent time twice on a carrier. would love to give to him.
    I looked at the websites. very interesting.
    Thank you

  5. Sheez – wish you ALL could get this book! Hubby picked the LETTER G – Susan P is the winner. Thanks, Julie, Debra, & Jackie, for entering. Children’s book contest has been posted next!

  6. Whohooooo! Julie, Debra, & Jackie! The author got a new shipment of books in so offered to send you EACH a book too. I will email you asking for addresses if I do not have them readily available! Cool, huh?

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